How To Browse With Airtime On Airtel – Activate and Deactivate Airtel PAYU in 2021

Would you like to know how to browse with airtime on airtel, the code to browse with airtime on airtel, and how to stop browsing with Airtime on Airtel? Airtel Nigeria offers a wide range of data packages to suit all wallets and needs. The operator also offers the widest 4G LTE coverage in the country. While this Nigerian operator has several pocket-friendly data plans to choose from, there are times when you need access to mobile internet without a plan. This is what Airtel PAYU is all about. You can browse the internet with Airtel airtime.

Airtel PAYU Data

What exactly is Airtel PAYU data? In fact, it’s not really a data plan. It is the lack of a data bundle. The idea is that if for some reason you don’t want or can’t buy a data package, you can still access internet services and pay a fee for it. In other words, you can browse with airtime on airtel. You just never know.

How To Browse With Airtime On Airtel

For example, maybe you’re short on airtime and so don’t have enough to buy a data package because you have an important phone call but are still using your email or social media for an important update, pay-as-you-go, need to scroll through the as-you-go option like this one will come in handy. There may be other scenarios where you need to use usage-based data. So, this how to browse with airtime on Airtel post will be helpful.

Airtel PAYUAY Features – How To Browse With Airtime on Airtel

  • With Airtel PAYU you can use the internet without purchasing a data package.
  • It gives you internet access at a speed of ₦3/MB.
  • You can better monitor your data outputs.
  • Airtel PAYU data is best for light surfing as it is more expensive in the long run than buying a data package.

How To Browse With Airtime On Airtel Using Airtel PAYU?

For how to browse with airtime on airtel, you need to subscribe to Airtel Pay As You Go data and surf with Airtel, just dial *400# on your Airtel Nigeria line and the system will activate it and show you a welcome message. You can now surf Airtel PAYU with Airtime. All your internet usage is deducted from the airtime on your line.

Is 4G available on Airtel PAYU?

Another advantage is that with this subscription you can use 4G LTE as long as you are within the coverage area. If your location does not have 4G coverage, your line will switch to 3G or EDGE based on availability. With Airtel, you surf with airtime, regardless of which network type is available.

How To Stop Browsing With Airtime On Airtel

If you have used Airtel PAYU and no longer want to pay data usage charges, you can turn it off. The trouble with the PAYU subscription is that sometimes you run out of bundle data or your Wi-Fi connection drops during a download or intensive surfing and the network takes the rest of your activity off your airtime. Downloading at 3 / MB can quickly take up a lot of airtime.

How to cancel Airtel PAYU plan

There are two ways to stop and prevent Airtel PAYU data.

The first way is to tell the network to stop your data when your data packet runs out. This is possible when you subscribe to a bundle.

Dial *141# and choose your preferred data package.

You will be asked what to do when your package is ready. Select option 1 which says Stop My Data.

That is it. If you run out of bundle data, your internet will stop working and your airtime will not be deducted.

The second method is to choose a specific USSD code to disable Airtel PAYU subscription.

Dial *400*1# to Deactivate Airtel PAYU Plan

You will receive a response saying “You have been unsubscribed from the Airtel FREE SURF offer”.

Your airtime is no longer deducted for internet use.

Now you know how to browse with airtime on Airtel and how to stop browsing with airtime on Airtel. The ball is on your playing field.