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How To Activate Etisalat Monthly Data Package 50 AED in UAE

How To Activate Etisalat Monthly Data Package 50 AED & 55 AED in UAE

Are you looking for uninterrupted connectivity throughout the month? Etisalat has you covered with its Monthly Data Package priced at just 50 AED. Stay connected, access your favorite sites, enjoy free minutes, and engage with social apps without worrying about data limits. As a prepaid customer, this package offers incredible value at an affordable cost of only 50 AED per month, allowing you to chat with friends, surf the web, and socialize non-stop.

How to Activate Etisalat Monthly Data Package 50 AED

Activating the Etisalat Monthly Data Package 50 AED is a simple process. Follow these steps to ensure you get 150MB of data daily for 28 days:

  1. Dial *135*5# on your Etisalat mobile.
  2. Follow the instructions provided to activate the Monthly Data Package for 50 AED.
  3. Once activated, you’ll have access to 150MB of data daily for the next 28 days.

The package will automatically renew, ensuring a seamless experience. However, if you wish to deactivate it, simply dial *135*5# and follow the instructions. Keep in mind that the package price of 50 AED includes a 5% VAT, and the validity period is 28 days. Receive notifications when you consume 80% of your data and check your remaining balance by dialing *170# or sending an SMS with “data” to 1010.

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Etisalat Monthly Data Package 55 AED

For those looking for more data, Etisalat also offers a Monthly Data Package priced at 55 AED. By activating this package, you will receive 500MB of general data and an additional 500MB specifically for social media. To subscribe to the Etisalat Monthly Data Package 55 AED, simply send “Data AED 55” to 1355.


It’s important to note a few requirements and considerations:

  • You can activate other Etisalat packages while using the non-stop data plan.
  • The offer can be activated once a month, and multiple renewals within the same month are not allowed.
  • The promotion is subject to time limitations and may expire at any moment.
  • After reaching the reasonable usage limit, the internet speed is reduced to 64 Kbit/s.

Deactivating Etisalat Monthly Data Package 50 AED

If you decide to deactivate the Etisalat Monthly Data Package 50 AED, the process is straightforward. Dial *135*5# and follow the provided instructions to deactivate the package.

How to Subscribe to Monthly Combo 50

Stay connected seamlessly with Etisalat’s Monthly Combo 50, offering a perfect blend of data, flexibility, and convenience. Choose from the following subscription options:

  1. Via My Etisalat UAE App: Download the My Etisalat UAE app for a quick and hassle-free subscription experience. Accessible right at your fingertips, the app ensures a seamless process.
  2. Dialing Codes:
    • Dial *170# or *101# to subscribe to Monthly Combo 50.
    • Text “COM50” to 1012 for a straightforward subscription through SMS.
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How to Manage Monthly Combo 50

Keep track of your usage and manage your subscription effortlessly:

Check Your Usage:

  1. Via My Etisalat UAE App: Utilize the My Etisalat UAE app to monitor your usage and stay informed about your data consumption.
  2. Dialing Codes:
    • Dial 1701# or *101# to check your usage details.


  1. Dialing Codes:
    • Dial *170# or *101# to unsubscribe from Monthly Combo 50.
    • Text “C COM50” to 1012 for a quick and easy unsubscribe option via SMS.

Terms & Conditions

Stay informed about the key terms and conditions associated with Monthly Combo 50:

  • Promo data allowances are provisioned on both subscription and renewal during the promotional period, eliminating the need for separate opt-ins.
  • Enjoy the extra data allowance until the end of validity even after the promo period closure.
  • The plan will auto-renew every 30 days, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity.
  • Explore the full list of countries included in the Flexi minutes by clicking here.


Avail Monthly Combo 50 at an attractive price of AED 50, excluding 5% VAT. Experience the perfect balance of affordability and connectivity with Etisalat’s Monthly Combo 50. Stay connected, stay in control!


In conclusion, the Etisalat Monthly Data Package priced at 50 AED provides an affordable and reliable solution for users seeking uninterrupted connectivity throughout the month. With 150MB of data available daily for 28 days, users can enjoy chatting with friends, browsing the web, and engaging with social apps without the concern of exceeding data limits. The simple activation process, automatic renewal, and convenient deactivation option make it a user-friendly choice.

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For those requiring additional data, the Etisalat Monthly Data Package at 55 AED offers 500MB of general data along with an extra 500MB dedicated to social media. Activation is easy by sending “Data AED 55” to 1355.

While enjoying the benefits of these data packages, users should keep in mind certain considerations such as the ability to activate other Etisalat packages concurrently, the limit of one activation per month, and the time-sensitive nature of the promotional offer. Additionally, after reaching the reasonable usage limit, the internet speed is reduced to 64 Kbit/s.

Stay seamlessly connected with Etisalat’s Monthly Data Packages, and experience the freedom to browse, chat, and socialize without constraints. Choose affordability and reliability with Etisalat’s Monthly Data Package, making connectivity hassle-free for prepaid customers. Enjoy the convenience of the Etisalat Monthly Data Package 50 AED, ensuring you stay connected without worrying about data limitations.

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