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How To See My Husband’s WhatsApp Messages Without Touching His Phone?

How To Check My Husband’s Whatsapp? Of all the instant messaging platforms currently available, WhatsApp is the most popular. People all over the world use it to send and receive messages, share multimedia files, and make online video and voice calls. Due to this immense popularity and widespread use of the platform, it has become a goldmine of information about the person using it.

Do you think your husband is talking to someone behind your back on WhatsApp, or that he might blame you? In this case, WhatsApp is the perfect place to find a clue about it. To do this, you need to view your husband’s WhatsApp messages without his phone.

Is It Possible To Read Someone’s Whatsapp Messages Without The Target Phone?

A few years ago, the thought of reading WhatsApp messages without the target phone would have been bizarre. However, it is now possible to hack someone else’s WhatsApp messages when you cannot access their mobile phone.

Technological advancements make this easier than you can ever imagine. You can even spy on the latest Android phone or iPhone with the latest technology and without root or jailbreak.

Today we are going to tell you all the ways to see your husband’s WhatsApp messages without touching his phone. Let the scrolling begin.

How To See My Husband’s Whatsapp Messages Without Touching His Phone Using Browser?

  1. Open your Chrome browser. Then enter the web address:
  2. This introduces you to the web version of WhatsApp.
  3. Open your husband’s WhatsApp and select WhatsApp Web.
  4. A QR scanner will appear.

Scan it with the QR code that will appear in your Chrome browser and voila! You can see your husband’s WhatsApp messages.

Does the QR code method to read WhatsApp messages have any drawbacks?

Yes, while simple and free, the WhatsApp web or QR code method has certain drawbacks. These are:

  1. An icon will appear in the message bar on the target phone to notify the user.
  2. Your husband may find out that you are using his WhatsApp.
  3. You may have to use his phone over and over again. So this is not a permanent solution.
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Can I use my husband’s WhatsApp on my phone?

How to check my husband’s WhatsApp on my phone? Whatscan for WhatsApp Web is a great way to review and validate your fears. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Download Whatscan for WhatsApp Web from the Google Play Store and install it on your phone.
  2. Then open it and select your preferred language.
  3. Scan the WhatsApp QR code from your husband’s phone.
  4. After that, you can view all WhatsApp messages and media files on your phone.

Again, this method requires the QR code. So you cannot spy on an Android phone remotely when using it. So let’s take a look at the next method.

What’s the best way to read WhatsApp messages remotely?

The last method that allows you to remotely read your husband’s WhatsApp messages without his phone is to use a cell phone spy app or WhatsApp tracking software. The Spymaster Pro app can be the best choice for this. How to waste this application without wasting time:

  1. Visit the official Spymaster Pro website and create an account.
  2. To do this, select your spouse’s phone type along with a username and password.
  3. Then choose the subscription that suits you.
  4. When you are done, follow the instructions in the email.
  5. Now you can spy on your husband’s WhatsApp chats.

Can WhatsApp track software spy on WhatsApp chats without a target phone?

You don’t need the target user’s phone to use WhatsApp tracking software like Spymaster Pro. This way, you can easily read their WhatsApp messages without compromising your identity and trust. However, the launch of these applications is different for iOS and Android phones. Let’s see how:

How to Read WhatsApp Messages on iPhone

Does your husband have an iPhone and want to read his WhatsApp messages? With Spymaster Pro you don’t have to worry too much. This mobile phone monitoring software offers a no-installation and no-jailbreak solution for iPhones. So just do the following:

  1. After purchasing Spymaster Pro, log in to your device with the information in the email.
  2. You will then be prompted for the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone.
  3. Fill them incorrectly and you will be able to read WhatsApp messages in the Spymaster Pro dashboard.

How to Read WhatsApp Messages on Android

Reading your husband’s WhatsApp messages on Android isn’t much different. You can do this from the Spymaster Pro dashboard and no rooting is required. To get started, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Take out a Spymaster Pro subscription for Android phones.
  2. Download the Spymaster Pro app to the target phone using the link to the email sent to you.

Install it on your husband’s phone in five minutes.

Yes, you read that right. You need the target phone for a while. But your husband will never know about it, and once the setup is done, you’ll never need his phone again. You can read all of his messages on your phone.

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What Are The Benefits Of WhatsApp Tracking Software?

  1. You can read WhatsApp messages remotely.
  2. Your husband will never know about it.
  3. You can even retrieve and read the messages he deleted.
  4. Besides WhatsApp, you can keep track of many other things like almost any other social platform, call logs, GPS location, phone book, emails, etc.
  5. Jailbreak or root is not required.
  6. The application can also be used as parental control software and as an employee monitoring application.

Hack WhatsApp with Mac spoofing technique

This is a popular and free way to spy on WhatsApp conversations without the victim knowing. When used correctly, you can read any chat on the victim’s phone, be it Android or iOS.

Now there is bad news.

Although it is so popular, not many people manage to achieve success with this method because of its variables. For my part, I can indicate the exact steps to follow and be as clear as possible.

Unfortunately, the result is not a guarantee.

Before you get started, let’s take a quick look at how Mac spoofing works and watch the video on how to get your partner to give you their phone.

What Does Mac Spoofing Do?

Every mobile phone that connects to the Internet (or any device in general) has a manufacturer-assigned unique ID made up of several numbers and letters. This is known as MAC (Media Access Control).

Every cell phone has a different one. You can watch this video if you have any doubts about this.

A sneaky way to spy on WhatsApp is to create a clone on your phone. However, you must use the same MAC as the victim’s phone to bypass the security barriers.

Hence the term “MAC spoofing”.

Once you identify the MAC address of the victim’s device, mask your phone’s MAC address with one of the victims without being bombarded with technical details. Then delete and reinstall WhatsApp.

Once you do this, you will have a clone of the WhatsApp account that you want to spy on your phone so that you receive all the messages and media that the victim’s phone is doing.

Let’s see how this can be put into practice.

Using Mac Spoofing

Let’s take a look at the most important steps to put this espionage into action. There are two things you should have at your fingertips:

  • Your mobile
  • The victim’s cell phone (this takes about two minutes).
  • At this point, the first step is to get the spy victim’s MAC address and write it down.
  • The code we are looking for has a similar structure – 06: B3: 92: F4: 34: AC
  • There are two ways you can get this MAC address:
    • From the target’s phone
      • Pick up the target’s phone and do the following:
      • iPhone – Go to Settings – General – About and search for WiFi
      • Android – Go to Settings – About device – Status and search for Wi-Fi MAC
      • From a PC or Mac
      • You can only find media access control on a computer if both phones are connected through the same Wi-Fi network.
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Then do the following:

Windows – Click the computer connection icon (bottom right next to the date). Click Open Network and Sharing Center. Go to Change adapter settings. Then right-click on the icon of the network card that interests you. Go to Status. Click on Details. The MAC address matches the code next to the physical address.

OS X / Mac computers – Go to System Preferences – Network – Advanced – Hardware. The MAC address you are looking for is the first piece of information available in the window.

Now you need to perform the following steps:

Delete WhatsApp from your mobile device.

Change your MAC address with one of the people you want to spy on. (Apps like WifiSpoof for iPhone or BusyBox for Android simplify this process.)

Reinstall WhatsApp on your phone while entering the victim’s phone number.

Request the activation code to send via SMS. However, keep in mind that this will also be sent to the victim’s phone. Write down the code and delete the message. Otherwise, you will definitely get caught.

Reset your phone’s original MAC address.

If done correctly, you should receive all messages, photos, and videos from the person who is spying on you.


  • Free
  • Tap real-time news


  • Difficult to use
  • Time-consuming
  • Requires jailbroken iPhones and rooted Android devices


Q1: Is it legal to access someone else’s WhatsApp messages without their permission?

A1: The legality of accessing someone else’s WhatsApp messages without permission varies by jurisdiction. In many places, it is considered a violation of privacy and may be illegal. It’s essential to research and understand the laws in your area before attempting to access someone’s WhatsApp messages without their consent.

Q2: Can I see WhatsApp messages without my husband knowing?

A2: While some methods, like WhatsApp Web, allow you to access messages without him knowing during the session, he may receive notifications if he checks his phone. It’s challenging to access WhatsApp messages without leaving any trace.

Q3: What should I do if I suspect my husband is cheating?

A3: If you have concerns about infidelity, it’s crucial to address them openly and honestly with your husband. Communication is key in any relationship. Consider seeking professional help, such as couples counseling, to navigate these challenging situations.

Q4: Are there any reliable spy apps for accessing WhatsApp messages?

A4: Be cautious when considering spy apps, as they may not be reliable, legal, or ethical. It’s essential to research thoroughly and understand the potential consequences before using such apps.

Q5: Can I access WhatsApp messages if my husband uses two-step verification?

A5: If your husband has two-step verification enabled, you’ll need to know the passcode to access his account. Without it, accessing his WhatsApp messages will be difficult.


The desire to access your husband’s WhatsApp messages without touching his phone may arise from various concerns, but it’s essential to approach the situation with care and respect for privacy. Communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship, so consider discussing your concerns openly with your spouse.

If you still feel the need to access his WhatsApp messages, explore methods like WhatsApp Web or accessing backups with his permission. However, always prioritize ethical and legal considerations, as attempting to access someone’s private messages without their consent can lead to significant consequences.

Remember, trust and open communication are the cornerstones of a strong relationship, and it’s vital to maintain these values while addressing any doubts or concerns that may arise.

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