How To Pay Etisalat Bill Payment Online Through Credit Card and Other Ways 2024?

Would you like to know how to pay etisalat bill payment? This article will explain how you can pay for Etisalat Bill Payment Online Through Credit Card including other ways you can use to pay your Etisalat bills.

Etisalat’s vision is to drive a digital future that has the potential for economic growth and development in all markets. With these development plans and opportunities, Etisalat aims to provide convenient services to its customers, and convenient invoice payment is one of the convenient services for customers.

Below are the convenient ways to pay Etisalat bills

  • Online payments
  • Phone payments
  • Personal payment

1. Online Payments – Etisalat Bill Payment Online Through Credit Card

Online payment methods are the most popular payment methods. The telecommunications company Etisalat offers its customers convenient online payment services such as

  • My Etisalat UAE app
  • Fast online payment
  • Pay automatically
  • eBill
  • eWallet

A. My Etisalat UAE app

For customers who want to pay with the app, you need to download the My Etisalat UAE app. You can download it in the Appstore and also in the Google Playstore. Create your account and access your data. You can view your invoice amounts and pay your bills.

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B. Etisalat Easy Pay

You can use the online quick payment method to pay your bills. You can connect via or Quickpay. You can pay for cell phone, landline, and life bills with a debit or credit card. The Etisalat Easy Pay service is very simple, fast and effective. Learn more about Etisalat quick pay here.

C. Pay automatically

The Autopay service is a feature of the Etisalat Group that ensures you never miss invoices again. Automatic payments are fast, easy and convenient payment methods. You must provide your payment instructions and register your payment information.

Visit and provide instructions on how to make payments. On the due date, the invoice amounts are automatically debited from your account according to the instructions.

D. ebill

You can send your email address associated with your invoices. With all the invoices in the email, you don’t have to worry about losing them. You must send an SMS with your email ID to the number “1997” and you will receive eBills from the following month.

E. eWallet

You can pay your bills, transfer your money internationally and pay bills in stores with ewallet. You must download and use the Etisalat app. No registration fee or a bank account is required.

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2. Payments by phone

You can make payments at 101 or 125. This is an automated payment system at no cost. You must select the bill payment option once you have connected to the toll-free number for mobile payments, landline phone bills and elife bills. You can pay with a credit or debit card.

3. Personal payments

You can pay by visiting the Etisalat centres in person. Below you can read how you can pay in person.


You can visit the bank and pay Etisalat bills. You can use your ATM channel to make payments. You can also take advantage of an online banking system, telephone banking and mobile banking.

Etisalat payment terminals

At Etisalat payment machines you can pay bills with a debit or credit card, or you can pay in cash. Etisalat POS terminals are available at Etisalat branches and other leading Etisalat locations in the UAE.

Trade houses

The Etisalat bills can also be paid at the following exchange office partners.

  • Al Ansari Exchange
  • Al Fardan Exchange
  • Index Exchange Co.
  • JoyAlukkas Exchange
  • Lari Exchange
  • LULU Exchange
  • Redha Al Ansari Exchange
  • UAE exchange

Wall Street Exchange

Etisalat is the largest telecommunications company among the GCC countries. Its headquarters are located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The company serves 11.6 million customers and more than 300,000 customers across small, medium and large companies and government agencies. Etisalat is the leading group in the fast-growing market. It has net sales of AED 52.2 billion and the highest net profit.

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