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How To Fix Glo Data Not Turning ON in 2021
GLO How To

How To Fix Glo Data Not Turning ON – What Do I Do If My Glo Data Is Not Working?

How to fix Glo data not turning On? Did your GLO mobile data refuse to connect? In this article, I’ll explain what the problem actually is and what you can do to fix Glo data not turning on.

Glo data that is not displayed usually occurs if you do not have an active data subscription on your line. The reason for this was deliberate from Glo. There was a time when free surfing with your Glo line was a thing. Because it usually happens when users don’t have active data on their SIM card. Glo had to come up with this thing that would automatically turn off your cellular data and stop showing up if you don’t have an active data plan.

How To Fix Glo Data Not Turning ON

So how can we fix glo data not displaying or the problem of Glo data not turning ON? There are two solutions for this that I have shared below.

Since we know the reason for this is that there is no active data on your SIM card, you can try subscribing to a data plan to fix the problem. Your data network is automatically enabled if you have an active data plan. To subscribe to an existing data plan on Glo, dial * 777 # and select a subscription of your choice.

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If you don’t want to subscribe to the data above, you can also switch to Glo PayU to solve the problem.

PayU allows you to browse your airtime, which can be quite expensive. The good news, however, is that not only will you be diverted to payU, but you will also solve the problem. To subscribe to Glo PayU, simply send the word PayU to 127 and you will receive a reply informing you that you are now at Glo PayU. You can now enable your mobile data.

My GLO Night Plan Is Not Working

My GLO night plan is not working? Is your GLO Night subscription not working? Then this post is for you.

A frequently asked question is “Why isn’t my GLO night schedule working?”. And thankfully that’s the reason for this post because I asked myself this same question not too long ago when I bought a night data pack from GLO and when I turned it on at midnight it didn’t work.

While it was annoying, I somehow found a way to make it work.

If you’re having a similar problem, let’s discuss what the problem might be and then find solutions to each of the problems.

Reasons why is my glo night plan not working

Many issues can cause your GLO Night Plan to fail, and some of them are.

  • Subscription Failed – Your subscription to the GLO Night data plan was unsuccessful.
  • Not Subscribed to GLO Night Data Plan – You do not have an active GLO Night subscription.
  • Data connection is disabled – You have not activated your data connection.
  • Wrong timing – It’s not time to activate the data yet.
  • Expired data plan – Your nightly data plan has expired.
  • Data volume has been used up – Your nightly data plan has been used up.
  • Network problem – Poor or unstable network coverage.
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Those are some of the biggest issues why your GLO night schedule isn’t working. Now let’s see the solutions to these problems.

How to fix My GLO Night Plan Is Not Working

We’ve already discussed the issues that could be preventing your GLO night schedule from working. Now, what are the solutions to these problems?

  1. Please check your GLO Night data plan balance to confirm you have received the data plan you paid for.
  2. If you’re on a regular data plan before midnight, make sure you turn off your data connection and turn it back on after midnight.
  3. Turn on your data connection. If you subscribe to the GLO Night data plan and your preferred network type is 4G, sometimes you need to change it to 3G before it activates.
  4. Since not all GLO Night plans start at the same time, make sure you turn on your data connection at the correct time for all GLO Night plans you are subscribed to.
  5. Check your data credit to see if it’s expired or used up.
  6. Sometimes there is a bad network connection or outage, so you have to wait until the connection is bad to normal
  7. Reboot your phone
  8. Call GLO Customer Service.
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These are the solutions to the GLO night schedule not working. If you have implemented all these fixes and it still doesn’t work, visit a nearby GLO office with your GLO line and file your complaint.

If you are one of those people who are wondering why my GLO night schedule is not working or why the night schedule is not working on GLO then I think you got the answers you are looking for.


Setting up your Glo Data Not Turning ON shouldn’t be a problem for you after reading this article.

Yes, I have given you the best solution for this problem. What you need to do now is apply the solution to the problem.

So I believe the Glo data connection not working error has been resolved.

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