How to fix Glo data not turning On? Did your Glo mobile data refuse to connect? In this article, I’ll explain what the problem actually is and what you can do to fix Glo data not turning on.

Glo data that is not displayed usually occurs if you do not have an active data subscription on your line. The reason for this was deliberate from Glo. There was a time when free surfing with your Glo line was a thing. Because it usually happens when users don’t have active data on their SIM card. Glo had to come up with this thing that would automatically turn off your cellular data and stop showing up if you don’t have an active data plan.

How To Fix Glo Data Not Turning ON

So how can we fix glo data not displaying or the problem of Glo data not turning ON? There are two solutions for this that I have shared below.

Since we know the reason for this is because there is no active data on your SIM card, you can try subscribing to a data plan to fix the problem. Your data network is automatically enabled if you have an active data plan. To subscribe to an existing data plan on Glo, dial * 777 # and select a subscription of your choice.

If you don’t want to subscribe to the data above, you can also switch to Glo PayU to solve the problem.

PayU allows you to browse your airtime, which can be quite expensive. The good news, however, is that not only will you be diverted to payU, but you will also solve the problem. To subscribe to Glo PayU, simply send the word PayU to 127 and you will receive a reply informing you that you are now at Glo PayU. You can now enable your mobile data.


Setting up your Glo Data Not Turning ON shouldn’t be a problem for you after reading this article.

Yes, I have given you the best solution for this problem. What you need to do now is apply the solution to the problem.

So I believe the Glo data connection not working error has been resolved.