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How To Activate And Use 9mobile Esim In Nigeria

How To Activate And Use 9mobile Esim In Nigeria

This article will give you an insight on how to use or activate your 9mobile eSIM in Nigeria which is a list of compatible smartphones for eSIM in Nigeria.

How does the 9mobile eSIM work in Nigeria?

The eSIM was launched worldwide in 2016. It is considered the next generation of SIM cards after the launch of Nano-SIM in 2012.

The 9mobile eSIM works just like a second SIM card if you have a device with two SIM card slots. It gives you a second phone number without having to purchase another SIM card. All you have to do is activate it with your account profile and you’re done. Phones and networks that support eSIM in Nigeria.

During the first step of the activation process, compatible phones are used to scan a QR code assigned to the eSIM.

How to activate and use 9Mobile Nigeria eSIM

The whole process to get the 9Mobile eSIM is similar to MTN, customers can enter some of our selected 9mobile Experience Centers to request 9mobile eSIM activation, as a result, a QR code will be given to get an eSIM profile to scan and download, and the usual SIM registration.

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Customers entering a 9Mobile Experience Center and activating the eSIM and need up to 7 GB of free data. If you already have a traditional SIM card and want to replace it with an eSIM, all you need to do is swap a SIM card.

How to activate eSIM on Apple iPhones

Follow these steps to activate 9mobile eSIM on your iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max.

  • First, you need to get the QR code from a customer service representative from your network provider.
  • Go to Settings> Cellular.
  • Tap add cell plan.
  • Scan the QR code you received from the customer
  • If you are asked to enter a confirmation code to activate the eSIM, enter the number that came with the QR code.

How to activate 9mobile eSIM on Android phones

  • Using a QR code scanner
  • Scan your eSIM QR code
  • Touch Detection of cell plan detected when it appears.
  • Tap Continue at the bottom of the screen.
  • Touch Add Cell Plan.
  • If you need a confirmation code to activate the eSIM card, enter the number provided by your provider.

How to Activate 9mobile eSIM on Android Phones with SIMO App in Nigeria

SIMO is a program that allows users to easily connect to their 9mobile eSIM.

  • Download SIMO
  • Open SIMO.
  • Set up an eSIM profile.
  • Click on “Connect” for online.
  • Purchase data. Choose the best plan.
  • Get support. Get support within SIMO.
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Benefits of Using eSIM in Nigeria

  • It stores different cell profiles and therefore works perfectly all over the world.
  • You no longer have to deal with cutting SIM cards or looking for adapters.
  • Unlike SIM cards, no specific slot is required.
  • You cannot lose the card because it is attached to the device itself.
  • It offers the same level of security as a removable SIM card.
  • It is easier to switch between grid operators.
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