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How To Stop Browsing With Airtime On Glo
How To data plan GLO

How To Stop Browsing With Airtime On GLO?

Would you like to know how To Stop Browsing With Airtime On GLO? This article will show you how you can stop browsing with Airtime while you have data on when you don’t have data(PAYU Plan).

Airtime deduction from GLO lines is very common on GLO lines even when you are not surfing? Does your airtime decrease when your data is activated, even if you have a data plan? This can be very annoying, but there is a solution. This article explains how to disable the GLO line airtime deduction on your cell phone. Learn how to browse with Airtime on Glo here.

First of all, you should know that there is a plan called PAYU. The GLO PAYU subscription is a special subscription that allows you to surf the Internet cheaply with the available airtime on your phone. That said, if you connect to the internet without a data plan, your airtime will be deducted, so you should disable that plan.

How To Cancel/deactivate the PAYU plan

To deactivate the GLO Payu subscription, just send CANCEL to 127.

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How to Stop Browsing with Airtime On GLO?

However, if you use the Globalcom network on your smartphone and discover that you have subscribed to a data plan and that you have the correct GloFlat APN configuration on your device, you will be charged for internet usage from your airtime. What to do to avoid wasting your airtime if a data plan is already in place?

This experience usually occurs on some Android and Windows Phone smartphones. This issue is especially common among users who had the Glodirect service enabled on their lines years ago before the new Gloflat settings were introduced. However, some newer users may also experience this.

In the past, glodirect offered mobile internet at lower rates than regular rates, but there was a fee for that. Billing was based on the user’s airtime. It seems that if the Glodirect service is not disabled, some smartphones are designed to bind to and use them regardless of what other settings are entered on the device or what data plan is subscribed to.

If you find that, despite the correct Gloflat settings on your device, your airtime has been used up while using Internet services, you have likely activated Glodirect on your line at some point and this is causing a conflict on your line. You should learn how to stop browsing using glo flexi plan here.

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How To Stop Browsing With Airtime On GLO – Solution

To fix this how To Stop Browsing With Airtime On GLO issues, go to the nearest Gloworld exit and ask to turn off Glodirect (aka Glosecure). Once that’s done, you’re on and never have to worry about draining your airtime for internet use again.

How Do I Stop GLO From Charging Data From My Airtime?

To stop browsing with airtime on GLO, you can either:

  • Subscribe to a data plan. This will automatically switch your browsing over to your data when it runs out. You can subscribe to a data plan by dialing 123 data plan code#. For example, to subscribe to the 1GB data plan, you would dial *123*100#.
  • *Dial 108*2#. This will disable the Pay-As-You-Go browsing feature, which is the feature that allows you to browse with airtime. Once you have dialed this code, you will no longer be able to browse with airtime.

Here are the steps on how to disable Pay-As-You-Go browsing on GLO by dialing 108*2#:

  1. Dial *108*2# on your GLO phone.
  2. You will receive a confirmation message.
  3. Your Pay-As-You-Go browsing will be disabled.


Once you have disabled Pay-As-You-Go browsing, you will only be able to browse the internet if you have a data plan. If you do not have a data plan, you will not be able to browse the internet.

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