How to Migrate to 9mobile MoreCliq With Its Benefits in 2024?

9mobile MoreCliq is another prepaid plan from 9mobile with several bonus options to choose from.

The prepaid subscription is actually for the youth and the young people who like to use the internet and call. Whoever says you can’t get them both has never come across a 9mobile prepaid plan.

The icing on the cake is that you can choose between a bonus. There are about 3 bonus choices available to choose from, one is beneficial for those who want enough data to browse, while the other two are for those who like to stay on call for a long time.

We’re not done yet!

You also get one 1GB of free data to browse all night when you charge the N700 every week, which means you can get up to 4GB of free data every month when you’re on 9mobile morecliq.

Customers also gain access to purchase more eCliq social me plans that allow them to browse Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Morecliq Break Free Now (SMS)

Price: It’s N4 by SMS to any mobile number in Nigeria. N15 per message for an international message.

How To Migrate To 9mobile MoreCliq Plan?

If it’s a new 9mobile sim then call 200 on your phone to get started.

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Existing 9mobile customers must call * 244 * 1 #.

After the subscription is activated and reloaded, customers can check the bonus option by dialing * 545 #.

Advantages of 9mobile MoreCliq

On 9mobile morecliq, you can get between 250%, 350%, and 100%. Morecliq allows you to choose between the bonuses offered. Let’s make it simple by breaking them accordingly.

1.250% bonus on 9mobile more cliq

Each top-up of N100 and above gives you a 250% bonus and is only valid for 3 days.

The 250% will be cut in half, one for calls to the 9mobile network and the other for calls to any network in Nigeria.

A top-up below N100 will give you a 150% bonus.

2.350% bonus on 9mobile morecliq

Customers can get around 350% on any airtime loaded on 9mobile, with the bonus validity expiring after 3 days.

Bonus can only be used to call the 9mobile number.

Every top-up under N100 gives 250% for on-net calls only.

3.100% bonus on data from 9mobile morecliq

Enjoy a 100% data bonus when you purchase a data value between 50MB and 500MB. The bonus data can only be used from 11 pm to 5 am.

The most important data can be used at any time.

4. Free 1GB data every week on 9mobile morecliq

Customers also get free data of up to 1 GB when charging.

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With every top-up, your free data is collected and when you reach the N700 top-up you will get 9mobile 1GB of free data which can be used from 12 noon to 5 am. The validity is 7 days.

9mobile MoreCliq Social Me Schedule Activation Code And Price

Daily social plan

  • Activation Code: * 343 * 6 * 15 #
  • Price: N50
  • Validity: 24 hours

Weekly redundancy plan

  • Activation Code: * 343 * 6 * 10 #
  • Price: N150
  • Validity: 7 days

Monthly redundancy plan

  • Activation Code: * 343 * 6 * 11 #
  • Price: N500
  • Validity: 30 days

Cost/Rate Options On The 9mobile Morecliq Prepaid Plan

Below are the 9mobile charges for the morecliq prepaid plan;

Morecliq now breaksfree (voice calls)

Price: 40kb per second on main account and 250% bonus account, while 50kb per second on the 350% bonus option.


It’s easy to see why most of their customers on 9mobile have morecliq than any other prepaid plan. This is a plan that has lived up to his expectations.

Imagine trying to subscribe to a 9mobile data plan to browse only to get 1 GB on the network for free. Data bender will certainly appreciate this great offering, especially when our smartphone now needs more data to perform better.

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Think of the apps that have been asking for an update for weeks, the operating system that only takes a few bites to update, and the movies you want to watch. These are part of what makes 9mobile morecliq great.

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