How to Activate and Deactivate 9mobile 9x Bonus and Its Benefit
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How to Activate and Deactivate 9mobile 9x Bonus and Its Benefit

How to Activate and Deactivate 9mobile 9x Bonus and Its Benefit: Do you know that you can get 9x of your top-up on the 9mobile network? I mean a 900% bonus if you buy airtime on the 9mobile network.

The 9mobile 9x bonus is another incentive from 9mobile Nigeria that offers everyone on the network 9x the amount with every top-up from N200 and above. It is open to both new and existing customers. Charging below N200 gives you 4x the value of your airtime.

Think how much you can do with airtime and data bonus by charging the N200 or more. This is a great offer when you consider others with similar offerings. The best thing about this offering is that you can use it to call anyone on the Nigeria GSM network, send text messages and even browse for free.

How do you get a 9mobile 9x bonus? This article aims to give you every detail about the 9mobile 9x bonus, including a 1 GB data offer plus 3 hours of video streaming for just N200 and other exciting perks.

Enjoy or Activate 9mobile 9x bonus (activation code)

  • Buy a new 9mobile sim if you are not on the network. There is nothing for it but charging.
  • Existing customers must call * 611 * 20 # to activate the 9mobile 900% bonus.
  • To get your 9x bonus in airtime and data, load N200 airtime.
  • Start browsing and calling.
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How To Deactivate 9mobile 9x Bonus

Do you want to know how to deactivate the 9mobile 9x bonus? Don’t worry, it is very easy to unsubscribe from the 9mobile 9x bonus, just migrate to 9mobile morecliq, 9mobile more talk, or any other 9mobile prepaid plan you may like.

How Does The 9mobile 9x Bonus Work?

9mobile offers a 900% bonus not only for calling but also for surfing the internet, in other words, you get a bonus of 900% in data and airtime, which is 300% data and 600% airtime. You can use the on-net bonus offer to call only 9 mobile numbers while using the off-net bonus offer for any Nigerian mobile phone network.

The voice bonus is split into two parts, a 70% airtime bonus can be used to call anyone on the 9mobile / Etisalat network while the other, which is off-net, has a 30% discount and can be used for other networks.

The 9x offering is only available to customers on Moretalk, Morecliq, Talkzone, and Cliqlite. They will be charged N12 when they send text messages while they have their bonus fund, and N4 will be charged from the main account.

The call costs on 9mobile 9x are 40kb from the main account and 60kb from the bonus account.

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The reload bonus is valid for 5 days. Once the 5 days have passed, you will no longer be able to use the bonus. Whatever you do, make sure you have nothing left unless you plan to extend the bonus by reloading before the expiration date.

Customers can also get 1 GB + 3 hours of free streaming when they call * 253 * 20 # from their 9mobile for just N200.

Visualize how much you can do with a whopping 1024MB of data. Update apps, play online games, make video calls, chat, and much more.

There is one special package that I wouldn’t want to miss given how difficult it is to get a complete package under one deal.

Who Can Enjoy The 9mobile 9x Bonus?

Competition is getting fiercer, I think every network in Nigeria is doing everything they can to keep their customers and potentially bring in more customers.

What better way to do this than to provide something great, something they might not get elsewhere? It’s what makes it extraordinary that makes something great. The fact is, I love 9mobile for their sheer speed, a major reason why I’m not leaving them anytime soon. 9mobile 900% bonus

Mtn data plans and Airtel data plans haven’t fared badly either, I could say I love them too. For Glo? I can say their internet speed doesn’t give us much to talk about but you will enjoy buying cheap. Glo tariff plans aren’t bad anyway, so I could live with that.

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It doesn’t matter if you’ve been there for years or just another happy customer who just joined their base. All new Etisalat / 9mobile sims are standard in this offer. Those already on the 9mobile network must activate the 9mobile 900% bonus to take advantage of the offer.

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