March 22, 2023
How to deactivate all MTN services
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Would you like to know how to prevent MTN from deducting your credit without your consent? If so, this is the only guide you will need on how to deactivate all MTN services.

MTN will deduct the credit from customers’ accounts as a result of renewal or payment for one or the other subscription; either from outside agents of the MTN Nigeria network itself.

But no more… Your credit will never be deducted if you don’t want to, provided you follow the instructions in this manual.

How to Deactivate All MTN Services to Stop Deducting Your Airtime

The situation in the country is not favorable for most telecom subscribers, especially those using mtn, as they often face unnecessary deductions from their airtime balance, forcing them to consider which service they may have chosen that will yield this regular deduction.

When you sit at this table; then we are going to give a detailed guide on how to deactivate all mt services from unnecessary deduction of your airtime, however, if you are using 9mobile, here you can find the guide on how to deactivate unnecessary airtime reduction on Etisalat.

Deductions on mtn aside from when you owe them money can be caused by a known / unknown subscription to ‘Ringback Tones’, ‘Corona Updates’, ‘Daily Bible Quotes’, ‘Motivational Quotes’ and the rest of the subtitles that sometimes is irrelevant to human existence.

Well, if you belong to this category of mtn users, below is How to deactivate all MTN services from unnecessary deductions of credit on your line.

Use MTN Opt Out Code To Stop MTN Services From Deducting Your Airtime

One of the most useful ways on how to deactivate all MTN services is using an opt-out code. The mtn opt out code to cancel unnecessary deduction of your balance is *447#. Dial * 447 # to open a pop-up menu from which you can manage all your value-added services; you can activate and deactivate any active service from the menu.

Then respond with 1 to see a list of active services on your SIM card, after which you can deactivate them from the available options.

Once these services have been deactivated; mtn will stop carelessly deducting your airtime, except you owe them airtime.

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Opt-out of all MTN third-party services

Sometimes customers are subscribed to third-party services without realizing it. If so, you can opt-out of MTN’s third-party services, send the messages in quotes to their respective numbers (don’t include the quotes when sending):

  • “USNEWS” to 700 to stop weekly sports news
  • “UCHAMP” to 700 to stop the weekly Champions League news
  • ‘CANCEL QUOTES’ to 33118 ‘CANCEL QUOTES’ to 33115 to stop monthly inspiration quotes
  • “OUTINS” to 35070 to stop daily inspirational prayers
  • “UWMMQUOTES” to 700 to stop religious quotes
  • “UWL QUOTE” to 700 to stop weekly love quotes
  • “CANCELLOVE” to 33118 to stop love message updates
  • “NO CFW” to 4900 to stop Chelsea FC weekly updates
  • “UFOREX” to 700 to stop forex updates
  • “UGBN” discontinues 700 Guardian news updates
  • “CNNNREAK STOP” to 700 to stop CNN breaking news updates

Activate DND – MTN Do Not Disturb Me.

There came a point when external partners from MTN and other networks in Nigeria started bombarding our lines with messages and calls. At the time, NCC (Nigerian Communications Commissions) enforced a policy that allowed customers to choose whether or not to receive those messages from third parties.

Needless to say, some of those outside companies used certain schemes and questionable methods to get people to subscribe to their services without realizing they were doing so. And the problem with third-party services is that they cost a lot of money to subscribe and renew.

If you are interested in cancelling deduction of your money due to unwanted third-party subscriptions, text “STOP” to 2442.

Verify And Cancel Your Current MTN Subscriptions

  • Dial * 123 * 4 * 5 #
  • Reply with 1 to see your current subscriptions
  • Select the subscription you want to unsubscribe from and confirm that you want to unsubscribe.

On the other hand, if you are interested in seeing your current MTN Play subscription, dial * 123 * 5 * 2 #. You can follow the same processes mentioned above to opt-out of any of them.

How Can I Stop Mtn From Deducting My Credit While Browsing?

Subscribe To A Data Plan Or Block The Use Of Credit To Browse

Someone once asked us this question, “how can I stop MTN from deducting my credit while browsing?” The answer to that question is … if your credit is debited while browsing, it is because you are not subscribed to a data bundle.

Your line may be enabled to browse with your airtime. If you don’t want that, dial * 131 * 201 #. To switch back to browsing with your airtime, dial * 131 * 200 #.

How to stop MTN XtraValue (XtraTalk) bundles?

  • To cancel XtraTalk batch of 300 Naira (XS) – Send NoV300 to 131
  • To cancel XtraTalk 500 Naira (S) bundle – Send NoV500 to 131
  • To cancel 1000 Naira (M) XtraTalk bundle – Send NoV1000 to 131
  • To cancel 2000 Naira (L) XtraTalk bundle – Send NoV2000 to 131
  • To cancel 5000 Naira (XL) XtraTalk Bundle – Send NoV5000 to 131
  • To cancel 10,000 Naira (XXL) XtraTalk Bundle – Send NoV10000 to 131
  • To cancel XtraTalk bundle of 15,000 naira (XXXL) – Send NoV15000 to 131
  • To cancel 20,000 Naira (XXXXL) XtraTalk Bundle – Send NoV20000 to 131

How to stop MTN XtraValue (XtraData) bundles?

  • To cancel the lot of XtraData 300 Naira (XS) – Send NoD300 to 131
  • To cancel the ticket of XtraData 500 Naira (S) – Send NoD500 to 131
  • To cancel 1000 Naira (M) XtraData lot – Send NoD1000 to 131
  • To cancel 2000 Naira (L) XtraData bundle – Send NoD2000 to 131
  • To cancel 5000 Naira (XL) XtraData bundle – Send NoD5000 to 131
  • To cancel 10,000 Naira (XXL) XtraData bundle – Send NoD10000 to 131
  • To cancel 15000 Naira (XXXL) XtraData bundle – Send NoD15000 to 131
  • To cancel 20,000 Naira (XXXXL) XtraData Bundle – Send NoD20000 to 131
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How to cancel MTN XtraBundle International package subscriptions

  • To cancel the grouped international call offer 1 – Send “NoIDB300” to 131
  • To cancel the grouped international call offer 2 – Send “NoIDB500” to 131
  • To cancel the grouped international call offer 3 – Send “NoIDB1500” to 131

How To Check Subscriptions On MTN in South Africa

Looking for information on how to check subscriptions on mtn? Do you have unwanted subscriptions on your phone that are eating up your airtime? If yes, then this section of the article is what you are looking for. Phone subscription can be annoying. Most of the time, you innocently subscribe to a service. However, you soon realize that you are losing money without knowing what is going on. Therefore, you need to see which services you have subscribed to on your MTN phone. We will show you how to deactivate all mtn services in South Africa here;

How To Check Subscriptions On MTN

  • To check the subscriptions on your MTN phone, you need to follow these steps;
  • Go to your MTN phone and dial *141*5#.
  • Then choose the Content Services option (option 2).
  • Now to manage content services.
  • Follow the instructions to view your content services.

Why do you need this information?

Subscriptions are useful until they become annoying because they eat up your airtime. That’s the main reason people try to stop them. If you need to cancel all MTN subscriptions, follow the steps described in this article.

In addition to using up your airtime, subscription services can also be a nuisance. That’s why you might want to know what’s running on your phone. Once you have this information, you can deal with it.

In South Africa, the so-called Wireless Application Service Providers Association (WASPA) exists. Perhaps you have never heard of this association. Your role is to protect people from unsolicited marketing on phones. You can learn how to deactivate all WASP on Vodacom here.

Examples of MTN subscriptions in South Africa

MTN partners with several companies to provide WASP services. Below are some examples;

  • iGrade
  • Integrate
  • I play
  • Target networks
  • Mobile Internet Gateway
  • Africa spring
  • MyBeat interactive
  • Pattern matching technologies
  • Rate n Date
  • SMS portal
  • Teleplay communication
  • cell discovery
  • exact cell
  • FoneWorx
  • Grapevine Interactive Marketing

Are WASPs useful?

WASPs often have a bad reputation. That’s why you’re here looking for information on how to verify subscriptions to the MTN. You wonder which one is eating up your airtime. You want to get rid of them. So are WASPs useful?

The answer is yes, they are very useful. They help improve the mobile communication experience. MTN says it offers several useful services such as bulk SMS, USSD, and MMS for companies offering various services.

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So yes, WASPs can be useful. The only challenge is that many people apply without researching what they are getting. For example, if you sign up for a service that gives discounts so-and-so, don’t be surprised if money starts disappearing from your phone.

How To Cancel Subscriptions On MTN in South Africa?

So, you’ve known how to check active subscriptions on MTN, what next is how to cancel subscriptions on MTN in South Africa. Believe me, it’s very easy to deactivate all the unwanted subscriptions on MTN, all you have to do is just dial a simple code and follow the instruction.

Below are the steps to how to cancel subscriptions on MTN South Africa.

How To Cancel Subscriptions On MTN in South Africa

  1. Dial *155#: The first step is to dial MTN subscription code.
  2. Select 1: The second step will be to select 1 to view or cancel subscription on MTN WASP.
  3. Choose Unwanted Service: The third step will be for you to select the MTN WASP subscription you don’t from the list.
  4. Select 1: Now, to cancel the selected subscription, you have to press 1 to cancel subscription.
  5. You’ll see a pop up message saying “Your request to cancel your subscription has been accepted and is being processed. Please dial *155# for an overview of your subscription services.
  6. Then, select 0 to go back to main menu.

How to Cancel Subscription on MTN in South Africa using another Method

Here are the easy steps at deactivating the services on MTN:

  1. You can start the process by dialing *136*5# on the affected MTN line . From the options that appear, select 2 (Content Services)
  2. Next, you will want to cancel all subscriptions by selecting 2 (Manage Premium Rated Ser
  3. The next step to take is to select Option 2 again (Charges)
  4. Select option 1 (Block Premium Rated Services)
  5. You will be notified that all the services have been deactivated from your line. However, you follow the same steps again to ensure that the services are no longer there.

Call MTN Customer Service

After you’ve tried everything and MTN continues to deduct your money, the next and the only option left on how to deactivate all MTN services from deducting your money is to call MTN customer service at 180.

In the meantime, I am fully convinced that if you follow all the instructions above, you will not have to call customer service to prevent MTN from taking your money.

Do you have questions or contributions about this how to deactivate all MTN services guides? Feel free to share them through the comment section of this post.