How To Check My Glo Number In Ghana?

How To Check My Glo Number In Ghana? This article will show you step-by-step guidelines on how to check my Glo number in Ghana 2024. Glo is one of the well-known network service providers in Ghana that provides both network and internet services to Ghanaians. It has good coverage and also a large number of customers who subscribe to its services.

Due to their increasing number of customers, they have rolled out good self-service options that allow fair and efficient access to their services. Do you know how to check your Glo number in Ghana?

If you’ve forgotten your Glo line number or can’t remember where you wrote it down, now you can find out what the number is without having to queue at the nearest Glo office. All you need is your phone and you are good to go. These methods are quick, easy, and safe to use.

How To Check My Glo Number In Ghana?

Have trouble remembering your Glo phone number? The self-serve options are simple, with most Glo numbers checking everything about the shortcodes. You can also get your number through the Glo app, by calling customer service and calling or texting. It is easy to configure and has been rated as the safest and fastest way to check your phone number on any platform.

How to Check Your Glo Number Using Shortcodes

For how to check my glo line number in Ghana using the USSD Code, dial * 777 # on your phone. You will get your phone number on your screen. However, the number displayed will be longer because it also includes the country code in the phone number.

For example, in Ghana, the number would appear as 233712345678. Don’t worry, you can easily replace the number. 233, the regional shortcode for Ghana, is replaced with the number 0 to read as 0712345678.

If the above shortcode does not work on your phone, you can also choose another shortcode, * 135 * 8 #. Like the previous one, the number is displayed on the screen and displayed in a long format. You get the number again by subtracting the country code and entering your own zero.

You can also check your Glo number through their primary and most used shortcode by dialing 1244* 1244 #. You then click on view your GLO number, that’s all when you get your number on the GLO mobile network.

How To Check My Glo Number In Ghana Through Customer Service

Don’t worry if for some reason you can’t use the above shortcodes; all hope is not lost. You can also check your number by contacting the Glo offices. Customer service will solve your problem and fix it in no time. To get your number with this option, do the following:

How To Check My Glo Number In Ghana via Customer Service Step by Step

  • Open the calling app on your phone
  • Dial the customer service number. 0230010100 or 0230010200 with your Glo number
  • Follow the voice prompts that will give you instructions
  • Talk to the agent you are connected with and get your phone number
  • Write it down so you don’t forget

How To Check Your Number From The Glo App in Ghana

Since the app is designed to provide almost any service to Glo users, you can get your number this way too. You can know your Glo number at home and for free. All you need is internet access and you are good to go.

How To Check My Glo Number In Ghana Via App – Step By Step

  • Go to your phone application store or, you can download it here.
  • Type GLO Ghana in the search bar
  • Find the correct app and click download
  • Install the app and set it up with your data
  • You will then be given access to your glo line number

How Do I Know My Glo Number On My Phone?

You can check your GLO number on your phone with a short code, the GLO app, by calling or texting and by calling the customer service number.

If you’ve forgotten your number on the GLO Ghana network, don’t panic. There are several ways you can check your GLO phone from home. Learn how to check my GLO number in Ghana in 2024 and you’re good to go.