March 22, 2023
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Best Budget Phone 2019 - 11 Best Cheap Smartphones To Buy In 2019
Best Budget Android Phone – 11 Best Cheap Smartphones To Buy In 2019
Major phones are more expensive than ever in 2019, but as the top line gets better, so do cheap & best mid range phones in 2019. You can buy a cell phone with a budget under £ 200 / $ 200 and still get a phone that can handle everything you play on it.
Our current favorite Best Budget Android Phone is Xiaomi. Redmi Note 7. It may not be the most familiar brand name, but it is the best combination of value, specifications, and design available right now.
Better-priced phones are also more attractive in the long run, thanks to lower contract prices, although you prefer to buy these best budget smartphone 2019 immediately and then pay only for your minutes, texts and data.
If the value for money is your number one priority, you will not find a more useful list of affordable phones available in the UK, the US, and elsewhere. We have tested, rated, and rated the best cheap phones from Nokia, Motorola, Honor, and other major brands. Along with our reviews, you will find expert buying advice to help you decide if a particular best budget android phone is really the bargain. 

Should I Buy a Cheap Phone Now or Wait for Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the biggest sales events of the year and in 2019 happens on November 29th. We are already seeing great consumer technology deals, and we expect them to continue through January, with Black Friday deals followed by Cyber ​​Monday, Christmas, boxing day deals, and then January sales.
Of course, this is good and bad because how do you know a product won’t fall in price next week? The truth is, you can never be absolutely sure, but now we are close enough to the main event that many retailers have started their sales on Black Friday. From major UK retailers, Currys has started it’s Why wait? Selling, ensuring that products no longer fall in the price of Black Friday, while Amazon has a variety of Black Friday Countdown deals, with its main event starting November 22.
They aren’t the only ones, and we’ve been busy looking for the best deals on the cheap phone, so you don’t have to. While prices may fall further on Black Friday, some discounts also end earlier. So unless you are sure that a product will be discounted, it is always better to make a deal at face value: if you think the product is worth so much money, go for it. Sometimes it is not worth waiting for something that will never happen.
Below is some buying advice on what to look for in the best budget smartphone 2019: Even if the products we collect here are not discounted, you can find similar products at much lower prices – and if our product ranked # 2 or # 3 is discounted, just consider it by phone number 1.

Your Shopping Guide For the Best Budget Android Phone in 2019

In our experience, the ideal way to get a cheap phone is to buy it without a SIM card and then make a valuable SIM card deal only. You won’t pay $ 50 per month for a phone for the next two years, and you can exchange it for a newer model whenever you want. This is especially the case with cheap Chinese phones, with which you normally cannot get a contract.
All phones here cost less than £ 200 / $ 200, which is a quarter of the price you would often pay for select top phones – see our guide to the best best budget android phone on the market for more information on the latest handset deals.
Below are what we consider the Best Budget Android Phone for sale right now. We base this summary on prices without guaranty, as contracts change so often.

Should You Buy a Locked Phone?

You will quickly find that mobile carriers sell some of the best deals on the best budget android phone. What you need to note is if these phones are sold locked on this carrier’s network.

How about a Chinese phone?

An alternative is to buy a Chinese phone – you will also find some of them on our chart. You may not have heard of some of the brands featured, and many are not available on UK High Street (except Huawei and Xiaomi). Still, Chinese phones are well known for offering amazing specs for the money, not to mention undermine their rivals. More established.
Of course, there are disadvantages – for example, what should you do if a phone purchased from China is defective? We’ve put together the main pitfalls of our gray market technology buying the article, but if you’re still interested, you should check out a summary of the best Chinese phones for 2019.

What is The Best Phone For a Child?

If you are looking for a cheap phone for a child, check out our selection of the best kids’ phones, which include some of the same phones we have here, as well as a few others that are particularly suitable for kids.

What Will You Get For Your Money?

If you are looking for a cheap phone, you must accept the fact that the manufacturer will cut a few corners to reach that low price and will not achieve the same performance, features or display quality like a phone. Phone costing two, three, or even four times the price.
It used to be that economical phones were instantly recognizable for their low-resolution screens, little storage, and sturdy plastic bodies, but things are getting better in this area all the time. These days, for £ 200 or less, it is quite possible to buy a phone with a Full HD screen, a slim body, and a camera that takes pictures you really want to share.
Most support 4G connectivity, but features like NFC, wireless charging, and water resistance are likely to be missing unless specifically noted.
In the future, USB-C should become a standard for budget phones – a paper discovered by XDA-Developers notes that Google requires support for USB-C Power Delivery on all new Android devices and those upgraded to Android 9. or 10.

List of Best Budget Android Phone 2019

With its deluxe screen, great sound and a face unlock function; There is certainly a lot to love about this Best Budget Android Phone 2019. The Y6 2019 is also just 8 mm thick, meaning it’s incredibly comfortable in your hand, with a curved brown amber leather-like back cover.
The prices listed below for each product in this feature are automatically updated and include the latest Black Friday offers and sales.

1. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Price before: € 209.99
A mid-range phone at a low price is hard to argue with the incredible value offered by the Redmi Note 7 – nothing even comes close to that in the UK’s low-end phone market.
Looking more like the Mi mainline, it has a beautiful all-glass design and has an impressive double camera with a 48Mp lens.
With a large screen and all-day battery life, we love the Redmi Note 7 IR headphone and blaster connector, dual SIM functionality and microSD storage expansion and, given the low price, can close eyes to the lack of NFC and premium features such as on-screen fingerprint sensor, wireless charging, and waterproofing.
Overall performance is decent, up there with other Snapdragon 660 phones, which cost around £ 350, and even Xiaomi’s Mi 9 SE itself, making it a great all-rounder.

2. Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

Price before: Approx $ 200
Cheap Android phones are no better than this. The Mi A2 Lite has a premium design with a 19: 9 screen, dual rear cameras, and decent performance. Storage is generous, and we appreciate the fact that you can increase internal space by 64 GB with microSD cards up to 256 GB without sacrificing dual SIM support. The best budget smartphone 2019 to buy.

3. Honor 10 Lite

Price before: approximately $ 200
Honor has done it again with 10 Lite, one of the best budget smartphone 2019 you can buy. For just £ 200, it has the best battery life of a phone in its price range, a large screen, and two cameras.
These cameras fall in low light and are clearly a plastic phone, but the performance is excellent. It’s up there, next to the Moto G line, as the Best Budget Android Phone 2019.

4. Moto G7 Power

Price before: $ 249
With an almost pure Android interface, the G7 Power is a decent alternative to Huawei and Honor’s offerings at this price, and its huge battery means a comfortable two-day battery life that can easily be increased to three if needed.

5. Nokia 7.2

Price before:
Nokia 7.2 is a mid-range design-focused phone, offering a unique construction compared to the sleek, rounded smartphones on the market. With far more prominent angles, the Nokia 7.2 stands out, and the refractory glass on the back does a good job of providing the premium look, the brand is looking for.
The interior is pretty standard for the price, with a Snapdragon 660 along with 4 or 6 GB of RAM, and performance reflects that. Nokia wanted Zeiss-made lenses to be the star of the show, but we found that camera setup is a must, with great 48Mp sensor performance but disappointing wide-angle camera performance.
Still, great design, impressive display and two years of guaranteed operating system upgrades should be enough to appeal to some consumers – especially at this affordable price.

6. Xiaomi Mi 9T

Price before: $ 359.99
The Mi 9T is the most balanced. Xiaomi phone we’ve seen so far, combining some of the best features of the Mi 9 series to create a versatile and robust device. The large, notch screen, huge battery, and three-screen camera promise to revolutionize the mid-range phone market.

7. Elephone U2

Price before: $ 249.99
A solid contender at a price below 250 pounds, the Elephone U2 is a beautiful phone with a cool pop-up, a selfie camera, and a conveniently located fingerprint sensor. Some corners were cut under close scrutiny, including lack of support for NFC and personal audio, relatively slow loading, and a disappointing camera app. However, performance and design contribute greatly to compensate for this.

8. Moto G7 Play

Price before: $ 200
The G7 Play is the best budget smartphone 2019 that, while lacking state-of-the-art interiors, can deliver a smooth, seamless mobile experience – even when playing demanding games like PUBG Mobile, and that’s impressive. The build quality is great, despite the use of plastic on the back, with fine detail giving the G7 Play a more premium look.
Obviously, there have to be concessions on a smartphone under £ 150, and in the case of G7 Play, these are the cameras. Although images are generally well lit, the lack of a decent autofocus system means that most of your photos will be a little softer.
Still, if you’re not a news photographer, the Moto G7 Play is an impressive kit, and you’ll struggle to find something better at this price.

9. Moto E6 Plus

Price before:
Motorola hasn’t thrown the park here yet, but we can’t complain much about considering the asking price below £ 100.
This is a stylish phone that looks and looks more expensive than it really is. You get a solid large screen battery and features like a removable battery and fingerprint scanner.
It does not have very impressive specifications, but this phone will handle the basics correctly, and there is a microSD card slot to prevent storage shortage in a matter of weeks. The camera is not great, but it is perfectly acceptable for a device that is so cheap.
All of this means that it is one of the best cell phones you can buy for under 100 pounds.

10. Moto E5

Price before: $ 99.99
Moto E5 is one of the Best Budget Android Phone 2019 on the market. Sure, you can spend a little more and get something better, but if you’re looking for the cheapest phone that doesn’t make you want to dump it after a few days, that’s it.
We are very impressed with the design and build quality, along with many features including screen, camera, fingerprint scanner, and battery life.
Remember that you do not get some of the resources available on more expensive alternatives.

11. Vodafone Smart V10

Price before: 120 €
The biggest compliment you can pay to this phone is that no one would suspect that it sold for just £ 105.
A sleek design, excellent battery life and upgraded cameras mean that there are few affordable phones on the market. Obviously, in an ideal world, you would have a fast USB-C charging, faster processor and higher resolution screen, but for that price, we are not complaining.

Whether you’re making your first foray into the smartphone world or getting tired of spending hundreds of pounds on phones, the Smart V10 can be the best budget smartphone 2019 for you, as long as you’re happy to be on Vodafone.