April 2, 2023
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Nokia 9 📱 PureView Uses Five Cameras 📷 to Take a Photo
A new Nokia smartphone fuses together shots taken simultaneously by five rear cameras to offer owners what it says is “the richest image capture possible”.
This lets it preserve details in the highlights and shadows that would otherwise be lost as well as giving more control over depth-of-focus edits than rival devices, it claims.
It can also produce photos with up to 240-megapixel resolution.
Experts, however, warn that it may be a challenging device to market.
“Most store sales people are not that well trained when it comes to explaining the differences between one smartphone camera system and another,” explained Francisco Jeronimo from market research firm IDC.
“But this is not just about selling this device.
“It’s about building awareness for the brand by bringing innovation to the portfolio. And it may act as a halo product that drives sales of the firm’s other mid-range phones, which are its focus.”