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Deactivate 9mobile Callertunes
After purchasing a new Etisalat SIM in Nigeria, you are very certain that you will receive a free RBT, also known as Ring back tune, free for one month and after one month, you may not want to continue using the service and want to delete.
Call tuner – The sound/music your callers listen to while they wait for you to answer the cell phone. Callertune, by default, is a Dum Dum like sound, but mobile networks or the network user can replace it with whatever music of your choice, be it gospel, hip-hop, biblical texts or prophetic proclamation.
Custom Caller melodies thrill callers, and in most cases, when they hear the songs, they may forget that you did not choose the call. The caller’s songs differ by the networks and in this post, we will be highlighting more about the 9mobile melodies.
9mobile, formerly known as Etisalat, predicted that its esteemed subscribers would enjoy, download and subscribe to unlimited music of their choice. In most cases, when calling a mobile line, before the person answers, you can hear a ringback tone, in which a voice generated by the system will guide you through how to download and the cost of it.
In this post, we will discuss the basic steps of registering the caller’s tuning service and how to delete or unsubscribe the 9 songs from the mobile caller.

How to Register for 9mobile Calling Calls

On your 9mobile line, dial 251
Listen to the generated voice prompt to allow you to activate the call adjustment service
Select your music of choice

9mobile Caller Tunes download

50 Naira is for the service and 50 Naira is for the music monthly.

How to disable/delete 9mobile Caller Tune Service

If at any time, you get tired of the caller’s melody or associated charges, you can also turn it off by dialling * 251 * 2 # to deactivate.
Otherwise, to turn off Ringback melody on your Etisalat line, simply send RBTOFF to 251 and wait for network confirmation.
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