November 29, 2022
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Would You Spend $1,000 on a Smartphone?
Image Source:  CNN

Apple is ready to launch the highly anticipated iPhone X.

Of course, the phone will have all the new features and its new look. It will take the device to a new level of appearance and performance.

The price can also bring the iPhone user to a new level. The tenth anniversary of Apple’s phone costs more than one or more.

Some reports indicate that the phone will cost $ 999, where 64GB goes to $ 1099 with 256GB and starts at $ 1199 for a powerful 512GB device.

Even at the lowest level, the phone represents a huge increase of 40% to 50% over $ 649 for the basic model of the iPhone 7

By paying a premium, the iPhone is not new to many Apple fans. For example, those who purchased the iPhone 7 PLUS all droplets of water have already exceeded the four-digit threshold.

Apple is not alone in the new pricing strategy. In the coming weeks, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 plans to release. The tips for online chat, note 8, close or also exceed four digits.

Why Higher Prices? Competition among leading mobile phone operators is warming up.

Consumers need more features and manufacturers are willing to accept them for the price.

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Innovations such as edge-to-edge OLED display, water resistance, iris analysis and two cameras are common. By adding to the enjoyment and performance of the phone, they are also more expensive in construction.

While the buzz for new phones creates a lot of interest, according to a recent article in USA Today, the price of mobile phone bonuses was actually flat or down, no more.

Gartner’s research report quotes the newspaper. For the first quarter of 2017, the premium segment premium (premium smartphones) was $ 460, $ 482 compared to the same period last year.

The results of this report can be hidden as companies now pay phones that now create a small sticker. Previously, wireless operators have managed to pay off a low-subsidy phone. The price was generally associated with a two-year contractual obligation. Some things would cost $ 649, but they would be listed for $ 199.

Monthly down payment programs also contribute to deferring the cost of a new high-end device. Some will offer discounts when a new model is introduced.

Mobile operators want the phone to be in their hands and realize that they will have to rely on them for the mobile service.

Even at higher prices, many analysts expect the iPhone 8 to be in high demand. Such add-ons as the probability of using and recharging wireless will be accepted by Apple users.

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The phone will also launch iOS 11, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, and will focus on augmented reality.

At the same conference, Apple should introduce the new 7s and 7s Plus. These phones may not all be “8”, but probably a lower price than the 10th-anniversary model.

Those who want a new phone but can live without the features of the iPhone 8 must have a cheaper alternative with 7 lines.

Although the iPhone 8 promises to be another winner in many successful products for the Cupertino, California company. Apple users are accustomed to paying premiums for their products and their alignment in the herd, although the fork on the coins receives one.