How to Share Your Etisalat Data Plan And Buy Data as a Gift

How to Share Your Etisalat Data Plan And Buy Data as a Gift

Etisalat mobile has made things easier for those who want to share our data package and buy a data package as a gift for someone or with friends or family.

The exchange of data packets and donation data is very useful and is saved in a situation where you do not have data, and you really need to do something online at the time. And you want to surprise someone by buying the data package on behalf of the individual. Etisalat data exchange is quite economical in the sense that you buy a data plan package and can data with your spouse, children, or anyone you want. Reduces the costs of purchasing data plans.

How to share your Etisalat data plan:

Assign data to different family members with the Easyblaze Family Plan
Transfer part of your data package with the data balancing transfer function
Buy a data plan for someone from your antenna time with the Data Gifting feature

Easyblaze Family PlanOne data plan for the whole family

Share the speed of Easyblaze with your family members by assigning a data grant on an ongoing basis. You choose who to add, how much data to give, and take advantage of the rest! They will have access to the same data allocation continuously, with each automatic renewal, until you choose to remove them.

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Two ways to start,

Dial * 200 #
Select option 3 for the data
Select option 5

Dial * 917 #
Buy a data package
Share your information:
* 229 * PIN * MB Volume * Recipient number * 3 #

Data Balance Transfer

Help a friend in need!
Make a single transfer of data from your package. This works in the same way as the antenna time transfer. To transfer data, check:

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* 229 * PIN * MB Volume * Recipient number #
That is, * 229 * 0000 * 40 * 08091234567 #

Transfer between 10MB and 50MB per transaction, up to five times per day, as long as you have a minimum data balance of 100MB

Data Gifting

Buy someone a data plan, direct your airtime

Just use the data code and add the recipient’s number.
For example, to send a 200 MB data gift, check:

* 229 * 2 * 1 * 08091234567 #

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