May 30, 2023
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USB Unknown Error

USB device is unknown? error messages like “Unknown Device” or “USB device not recognized” are very annoying problems. It bothers many people. An error message appears when you connect a printer, scanner, camera or other USB devices to your computer. And not be able to use the device.

Why do the problems keep happening? How do we solve them? There are two problems that can cause problems.

Case 1: The driver unit is installed improperly or damaged.

The USB device (such as a printer, scanner, joystick and other hardware) needs a suitable driver to be recognized by Windows system and work on the computer. When you buy a new USB device, you first need to install the driver. Or your system will pop up an error message and will not be able to use it.

This problem occurs not only new hardware but also old devices. Because driver files are easily damaged or deleted by some illegal operations or viruses. When a driver is damaged, it does not match the device to be recognized and may not work correctly. To fix this, you can download the latest drivers for the device and install on your computer.

Case 2: USB Driver damaged or outdated.

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If you have installed the latest drivers for the device, but it still does not work, the USB driver is probably damaged or outdated. USB driver is used for recognizing a USB device connected to your computer. If the USB driver is damaged or outdated, Windows may not recognize all the USB devices connected to the computer. And the USB devices attached to a computer will be considered unknown. The only way to solve this problem is caused by damaged and outdated USB driver is updated or replaced.

In a word, the USB Unknown device error results from driver problem. To solve the problem, you need to install and update the device and USB drivers on your computer.