December 10, 2022
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The Nokia 3310 has been resurrected for the year 2017. In any case, is that what fans truly needed? No? Indeed, then you might need to look at the Nokia 3310 Pro idea instead.

Nokia 3310 Android

Nokia 3310 Pro is a Modern Smartphone with Zero Bezels, Amazing Color Options and Runs Android Nougat

The first Nokia 3310 was larger part’s first since forever cellphone. Fast forward to 2017 and the well established classic has made a rebound and is being showcased as a secondary telephone.

That is a gigantic go wrong in the event that you are asking me. Or, then again as such – it’s a missed chance, to say the least. Be that as it may, gratefully, idea designers are always working round the clock to sustain our long for something obviously better.

Ladies and honorable men, investigate this great idea of the Nokia 3310 Pro, a smartphone which fans truly needed!

Aside from including a great design and striking shading options, including the first blue one, the display is the highlight of the whole bundle. As opposed to running with a small lackluster board and retiring until tomorrow, the idea designer proceeded in slapping an AMOLED board on it.

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Yet, the fun doesn’t stop there either – there are no keys at the front and the display is the edge to edge, giving users a genuinely immersive affair. And not at all like the 2017 Nokia 3310, the Nokia 3310 Pro runs Android 7.0 Nougat out of the crate – a present day working system for current times. There are no impaired specs here by any stretch of the imagination.

It’s somewhat sad that Nokia proceeded to release a component telephone for the year 2017 that too with elements that render the whole gadget useless in countries like the United States and Canada. I’m discussing its absence of 3G (or 4G LTE) support here, and the gadget runs on 2.5G, a band which is slowly being phased out by the previously mentioned countries.

Basically, in the event that you need an expensive paperweight or a doorstopper, then you might need to consider the new 3310. Hell, I trust Microsoft made a better showing with regards to with its Nokia 230 telephone. In any event, it features a more “premium” feel to it and stays early by including things like a front-confronting camera.

I guess my hopes from the Nokia 3310 were far too high.