November 29, 2022
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Vizrec Company

There are a lot going on with Technology, we are now seeking Uber launching Driverless car, amazing android phone, etc.
Today, I came across another technology company that is trying to makes it move in the world of technology and ready to make the world more fun than what it’s was before.This company name is Vizrec, Vizrec is The Future in Visual Recognition. VizRec is the revolutionary Visual Recognition iPhone/Android app that recognizes celebrity faces/regular people on TV, in the theater, and face to face.
This Company has started very well, their first application is unbelievable and I can’t believe it’s not created by one of the biggest company in the world e.g MMicrosoft, Google, Uber etc.
This app works awesomely well and it makes me realized that good things can’t be made by the big and famous company alone.
With this app you can search for details of any celebrity so far you have the image of him or her with you, even if you don’t know who he or she was.
Just Point your iPhone’s or Android’s camera at the face on the screen to scan the image, and after a few seconds, VizRec will tell you the name of the celebrity and show you their bio, with links to YouTube, Wikipedia, IMDB and many more features.
As I said before, I just came across this wonderful Application and it’s company, and it’s alreLady captured my heart with all its spec.
You can know more about this VizRec following the owner of this s company Malky Pablo @malkypablo on twitter.
Here is VicRec facebook page with the videos as well as the facebook page.

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You can watch that video and comment what you think about this company.
Your view and review are highly welcome here as Master Malky Pablo is on ground to reply all your question.