What are the significant upgrades? In this article , we will investigate both smartphones and highlight their similarity , contrasts , quality and shortcoming.

infinix hot

In April 2016 , Infinix Mobility Launched the Infinix Hot 3 smartphone , which is a move up to the Infinix Hot 2 . Regarding specs , There’s only a little extraordinary between the two gadgets. For example , both telephones accompany a similar Processor , a similar RAM , a similar Camera , and the same Operating System. The main contrast between them is their screen size and battery capacity. Infinix Hot 3 accompanies 5.5′ inch screen and 3000mAh battery , while the Hot 2 includes a 5′ inch screen and 2200mAh battery. Generally , everything else is the same.

Outline , Display and Build

As far as Design , Infinix Hot 3 is greater and looks more developed than its forerunner. It has a 5.5 inch show and a gleaming looking body with marginally bended edges , not at all like that of the Hot 2. Albeit greater , The Hot 3 is very slimmer than the hot 2 , and it gives an a great deal more smoother feel close by.

Equipment , Operating System and Performance

Regarding equipment , both gadgets accompany a similar processor ; 1.3Ghz Quad-Core MediaTek chipset , and 1GB/2GB RAM. Considering the way that the chipset and RAM on both gadgets are the same , we ought to expect that the execution will likewise be equivalent , as there is no distinction in the equipment.

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Both smartphones additionally accompanies the same operating framework , Android 5.1Lollipop , however , the UI on both smartphones are totally extraordinary. Infinix Hot 3 accompanies a custom UI called Infinix XUI , while the UI on the Hot 2 is STOCK Android Lollipop (STOCK Android means there’s no customization on the User Interface)

Camera Quality

Again , the camera on both smartphones are the same. Hot 3 highlights 8MP back and 2MP front camera , same as the Hot 2. Having that as a top priority , you shouldn’t expect any huge contrast in the photo quality , as the camera determination is the same on both smartphones.

Battery Capacity

This is the place Infinix Hot 3 wins impeccably. It accompanies a 3000mAh battery which is greater than the 2200mAh battery on the Infinix Hot 2

Infinix Hot 2 versus Infinix Hot 3 – Their Similarities And Differences

So , more or less , here are the similitudes and contrasts betweeen both gadgets.

Likenesses :

The Both have Dual SIM

They both have 8MP back and 2MP front camera

They both utilize a 1.3Ghz Quad-Core MediaTek chipset

They both have 1GB RAM and 2GB RAM alternatives

They both have 16GB Internal Storage

They both keep running on Android 5.1 Lollipop Os

Contrasts :

Infinix Hot 3 accompanies 5.5 inch screen while Hot 2 accompanies 5.0 Inch show

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Infinix Hot 3 has 3000mAh battery while Infinix Hot 2 comes it 2200mAh battery.

There’s nothing more to it. Trust you making the most of our Infinix Hot 2 versus Infinix Hot 3 Comparism. We will jump at the chance to get feedback from you : Which smartphone do you believe is prevalent ? Give us a chance to have your remarks!.