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Enjoy 250% Bonus on MTN Beta Talk

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MTN Beta talk
This is one of the last rates and the best in Nigeria comes from MTN Nigeria. One of the best telecommunications in Nigeria. The MTN beta talk plan comes with 200% reuse per recharge with each N100 recharge and more!
With Mtn Beta Talk, you will receive 3 times the value of your recharge in this package. When making calls, national calls will be charged at the same flat rate of N24 / min (40 k / s) from the main and bonus customer accounts.
Please also note that all national calls, SMS, and data will be charged from the customer’s main account once the bond issue time has expired or has expired.
All MTN Prepaid customers can migrate to the MTN Beta Talk rate plan. Meanwhile, customers of prepaid companies migrate to MTN MTN Trutalk Trutalk Plus iPulse MTN, MTN smooth talk more, plus MTN Super Savings, MTN, and MTN Talk Talk Zone will migrate to the MTN Beta Talk rate plan.

What are the Benefits of MTN Beta Talk?

Here are the surprises, you will enjoy MTN Beta Talk after migrating. You will enjoy all of the following benefits when you are in the MTN Beta Talk rate plan:
1. Rewarded with 200% additional airtime at each 100-plus recharge.
2. You will enjoy your extra air time for 7 consecutive days.
3. Additional time will be available for national calls, national SMS, and pay-per-use data.
4. When you reload your MTN beta conversation with N100 or more, you will get 10 MB of data for 7 days.
5. The data bonus will only be granted once a week. (That is, in the first recharge of N100 and higher, subsequent renewals eligible in the same week will not attract a data bonus of 10 MB).

How to migrate to MTN Beta Talk

To migrate to the MTN Beta Talk plan, simply dial * 123 * 2 * 6 # or send a text message to BT to 131

What you need to know about MTN BetaTalk

All MTN Prepaid customers are allowed to successfully migrate to the MTN Beta Talk rate plan. However, all commercial Prepaid customers will migrate to MTN Trutalk, MTN Life Plus, MTN iPulse, MTN Smooth Talk plus, MTN SuperSaver plus, MTN Zone, and MTN Talk Talk will be able to migrate to the MTN Beta Talk pricing plan.
Who can migrate to MTN beta talk? You can learn more about MTN Beta Talk Code here.
All MTN Prepaid customers are allowed to migrate easily and stress-free to the MTN beta talk rate plan.
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