December 10, 2022
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LED Lighting – The Future of Energy Efficient Lighting

led light

At present, LED lighting is considered as an optimal solution for commercial as well as residential lighting requirements.

After a few hurdles over time, LED lighting has evolved into providing either equivalent lighting or better compared to the old Incandescent, Halogen or fluorescent Lighting.

At present, LED lighting is more reliable, energy efficient and durable compared to any other lighting products. The lifespan on LED chips is between 30000-50000 hours which assures clients that the LEDs will not be replaced anytime soon.

Majority of the residential market has not moved away from halogen and Fluorescent downlights to LED downlights. The most popular LED downlight in the market at this stage is the 13 watt LED downlight.

The 13 watt downlights, depending on how they are made, provides more of a general light similar to a fluorescent light and gives the intensity of a halogen downlight.

There are many colour temperatures available for LED downlights to suit the customer’s needs, the most popular being a warm white (3000K) and a cool white (5000K). The warm colour provides more ambient lighting that is similar to the incandescent and halogen downlight whereas the cool white is whiter in colour and provides more of a natural light.

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Regulations have stopped the usage of incandescent bulbs as there were too many breakages and pollution. The usage of power on incandescent bulbs was very high which was almost the same as the Halogen globes.
The halogen bulbs even though saved more on electricity usage were still high in power consumption and get extremely hot. The fluorescent bulbs on the other hand had large levels of Mercury and caused mercury pollution when disposed of. The LED downlights do not get as hot as the incandescent, halogen or fluorescent downlights.

They do not have the problem of polluting the environment and they are far more energy saving than any other products available in the market.

The recessed LED downlight market has evolved from using MR16 LED bulbs to GU10 LED bulbs (direct 240V) to integrated LED downlights.

The 13W LED downlight is far more popular than any other downlight available in the market. At present there are many different qualities that are available.
Many downlights use Samsung LED chips or Epistar LED chips, but the brand of LED chips does not affect the final cost of the product.
The type and quality of the transformer is what determines the final price and quality of the product. There are many different qualities available in the 13 watt LED downlights, so be sure that you are purchasing an Australian approved and a good quality transformer product rather than basing the quality of the product on the brand of LED chips.
For more assistance, it is best to seek professional advice before purchasing the product. Buy Online Now!