How to Convert Videos to PSP – Converting a DVD video file to PSP format

Today, many people have their PSPs and are happy to play all the time and wherever they are, is no longer boring to wait anywhere. But we will always have animals and we have dominated “Gaming anywhere”, now people are so lazy to play the games themselves, it would not be nice to sit and watch the movies in your hands Anywhere, yes be fun But PSP does not play video format “avi” and “DivX”, so sad … just convert videos in PSP format.

The question I’m always asked is that users who understand PSP are “How to convert videos to PSP?”

I have a solution to convert videos to PSP here, now … More time to lose, immediately to the content …

Requirements for converting videos to PSP:

  • DVD Ripper
  • USB data cable
  • PC
  • 3GP converter
  • Memory Stick loaded in your PSP
  • PSP Firmware V1.5, (you can reset this version using the tools available on the web) and a video

How to Convert DVD to PSP Format Steps:

  1. Connect your PSP to your PC using the data cable, now you see PSP as a removable drive on your computer
  2. Now, extract the movie (“avi” or “DivX”) from the DVD to one of your readers
  3. Use the 3GP converter and select the “MP4 for PSP” format option and select the desired bit rate, frame rate settings, and so on. Depending on your needs, select the video to convert and also provide a converted video path.
  4. Waiting time… It takes a while to convert your videos. In the meantime, create a folder called “MP_ROOT” on your PSP player. Then in the “MP_ROOT” folder create a folder named “100MNV01”, sorry for such a strange folder name, but SONY PSP requires you to do it…
  5. Now, when the converter has finished converting video files to PSP MP4 format, you go to the location requesting files to convert. You will see a weird file called something like “M4V01234.MP4”.
  6. Now copy the file into the folder path that we created in the 4th step “F: MP_ROOT100MNV01” where F can be the name of your created PSP drive.
  7. Connect PSP from the PC, access PSP menu videos, select the video you just copied to PSP, press the ‘o’ button and press ‘o’ again to play the file.
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That’s it You have the steps to convert your videos to PSP, Happy Watching anywhere anytime.

But if you are like me and use your little PSP gadget, heavy and requires many files on the PSP, keep watching movies, play games, listen to music all the time and not waste a lot of time doing many times To convert videos to PSP, trust me, it takes a long time for PSP to stay up to date. You need a website to give you unlimited PSP downloads of full version games, movies, music, software, and millions of files, so you do not have to convert videos to PSP.

There are many sites on the internet that claim to give you free downloads of PSP files but trust me, they are all scams, they spread incredible viruses and other malicious tools in PSP. Hi, I lost a brand new PSP (Virus has badly affected the firmware) that falls for these free download sites, not to mention their rate of aspiration.

So, are all download networks paid PSP legitimate? I’m sorry to say … No, they are not, there are many sites that run away with your money. But I hardly needed my PSP, so I tried everything, many sites.

Conclusion – How to Convert DVD Videos to PSP Format

Now follow the steps above, convert the videos to PSP and happily watch them on PSP or see my reviews and join the site you find suitable for you and avoid the hassle of converting videos to PSP.

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