February 2, 2023
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How to Recover Photos from SD Card

With the help of recovery software, you can now get back your lost data and photos. In this write-up you will find information regarding how to recover photos from SD card, that have been deleted accidentally…

Many times we tend to lose valuable data due to sheer negligence. At times, you may delete something by mistake. It can be quite disheartening when you lose something as precious as photos of a special occasion
from the memory card or SD card of your digital camera. When you seem to have lost all hope in retrieving the lost data, there is a good news for you. Computer professionals have developed a software to recover photos from SD card. This software program helps inretrieving deleted data and files from the storage device. Let us take a look at how to recover deleted photos from SD card.
Instructions for Recovering Photos from SD Card
The secure digital or SD card is a memory card which stores data, like music files, photos and videos.
This storage device, whose size is similar to that of a postage
stamp, is available in various capacities, and also helps transfer files at a faster pace. Sometimes, data may get
lost due to carelessness, or if it is deleted by mistake.
There are many recovery software that can be downloaded from the Internet. Some of the software are free to the
user. A few popular data retrieving software are Recover My Files Pandora Recovery, DiskDigger and PC Inspector.

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If you are using a Mac, then Disk Drill is an excellent software to recover deleted photos and other data from
the SD card. Here are some general instructions that may
help you in recovering deleted photos from SD card. Before you get to the task of recovering photos from SD card on any computer, you need to install the recovery software which will help you retrieve the needed data. Download and install the program by
following the commands and instructions. Once the program has downloaded, restart the computer. You can run this software on your desktop as well as laptop computer. Always remember not to use the SD card before you
are able to recover the deleted files. This is because if the card is reused, the recovery will be rendered useless and the data will be lost forever. Hence, it would be advisable to remove the card from the digital
camera, so that no one else accidentally uses it again.

Get hold of a memory card reader so that your card can be connected to the computer. If you are using a laptop, then there will be an inbuilt memory card reader.
You will find a slot in the card reader where you have to insert the SD memory card.
Once you have inserted the card into the given slot, plug the cable into the USB port of the computer.
On the screen you will see an icon, which will enable you to check the details of the memory card.
Double click on the icon to open it and launch the recovery program. Before doing this you need to set a destination, where the retrieved data can be saved. YNow run the recovery application so that the process
can begin.
You will see an icon on the screen, which may direct you to the program. By clicking on it the ‘Options ‘ menu will open.

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Once this has opened select ‘ Memory Card ‘ from the ‘ Devices ‘ menu and set to recovery

Now click on the ‘ Recover’ or ‘ Repair File Structure’ menu to run the program. After the command has been given, the software will start the application. You
will have to wait for sometime till all the data has been retrieved. After the task has been completed, click ‘OK ‘ for confirmation.
The recovered files will beautomatically saved in the destination chosen by you.

Once all the photos are saved on the computer, you have to remove the memory card from the slot.

If you right click on the SD memory card icon, you will get a message saying ‘ Remove storage device ‘. By clicking on it will direct you to another message which reads as ‘ Safe to remove device ‘. You can now remove the
card reader from the USB port and replace the memory card in the digital camera.

Remember to always keep a backup of important data, photos and other files so that even if the SD card gets
corrupted, you can get back your files without any problems.

Hope you found this assistance for how to
recover photos from SD card to be helpful and

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Date : November 2016