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How to Screenshot Specific Windows

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How to Screenshot Specific Windows
If you only want to capture a screenshot of just a specific window, you don’t have to take a full- screen image. You can take a few simple steps just to capture that particular window.

Open the specific window. Make sure the window that you want to screenshot is open and visible up on your desktop.

Press Command + Shift + 4. At the same time, press the command, shift, and 4 buttons. This will turn your cursor into crosshairs on your computer screen.

Press the Spacebar. This will now turn your cursor into a camera instead of the crosshairs.

Position the cursor. Move your cursor, and now camera, over the window that you want to screenshot. The cursor will tint the window blue, so ensure that the cursor is over the window or app that you want to screenshot.

Click and wait. Click your cursor and wait for the camera click. This means that your screenshot has been captured properly.

Save and share. The image will be saved onto your desktop as a .PNG file. Just double click to open it, and then you can share it with the

Preview button. You can also drag and drop it anywhere you would like to save it if you don’t want it to stay on your desktop.

Remember, this type of screenshot will only capture a specific window or pull-down menu. It will not have the full computer screen in the image. If you want to do that, refer to the first tutorial.

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