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How to identify fake phone

How to identify fake phone

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At first glance, a fake phone may appear
Identical to a genuine model. In nearest comparison
You can identify some obvious ones
Differences between a true and a false as
As: the color, the location of the buttons, the size or
Spelling of the brand name. Some fakes are minor
Obvious. Counterfeiters can mimic design
Details up to minute details, making it difficult
To know if a phone is genuine. If you are able to
See the product in person, you can
Notice a difference in weight, screen size,
Location of buttons and battery, sound quality
Printing and finishing of ink, added or absent
Functions, Quality Control Labels and Holograms
And a general lack of quality.


Fake phones may have different characteristics
For genuine models such as dual sim cards,
Analog TV, etc. Check the model number and
Genuine Phone Technical Specifications You
They want to buy and ensure that they combine what is being
Offered. Fake phones also seem often
Offer resources that are not or not
They are not as they claim to be. For example,
Built-in cameras can be said 8 megapixels
When they are not – or offer GPS when they
No. Counterfeit phones may also differ from one
Genuine in the availability of colors, memory capacity,
Megapixel camera, screen quality and operation
System. It is important to compare techniques
Resources to ensure the phone is genuine.


Black-market phones are made of sub-standard
And cheap components and usually run at the 2nd rate
Or pirated operating systems.
Counterfeiters use the cheapest generation
Chipsets, which can offer the same functionality
As a genuine model, but in a very slow process

If you inadvertently bought a fake phone
You will perceive very quickly once it activates.
Processing speeds are often much slower,
Operating systems have missing features and
The phone may not be compatible with the affiliate
Software and applications.


Counterfeit mobile phones tend to overturn
Market when a genuine model is out of stock or
Not available.
Often, if manufacturers and registered sellers say
A template is out of stock or unavailable,
Counterfeits begin to appear on auction sites
Through unregistered sellers. This is also
Common when a phone is not available in certain
Beware, counterfeiters take this opportunity to
Deceive consumers when the genuine product is
More demanding.


All genuine mobile phone has a serial number
To register it in a network of operators. This number
It’s called International Mobile Team
Identity Number (IMEI). The IMEI number can be
It is used to check the legitimacy of a phone. Often
False models will not have an IMEI number or
Use a fake.

If you are looking at the phone in person, then you
You can find the IMEI number in the product
Packing, under the phone battery or
Pressing * 06 on the phone.
If you are not viewing the phone in person, then
You must ask the distributor the IMEI of the phone
The number.
To verify the legitimacy of the number IMEI of a phoneAny information about the country ofProduction, manufacturer and type of model, you can use this tool.