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How to identify fake battery and charger

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How to spot fake batteries and chargers?
Mobile phone handsets are not the only electronic
product targeted by counterfeiters. Black market
cell phone batteries and chargers are also
infiltrating the market posing a potential health
and safety risk to consumers.
Fake batteries and chargers are often offered as
an after-market product, found on auction
websites or in unregistered stores often at a
significantly lower price than genuine products.
Given the uniform appearance of most mobile
phone batteries and chargers, it can be difficult
to identify what products are fake and which are
Here are a few simple tips to help you identify
whether a battery and charger is genuine or
Buy from a registered manufacturer and trusted
You should only buy mobile phone accessories
made by a trusted manufacturer.
If you are looking to replace a battery or charger
then you should refer to the original
manufacturer’s information to make sure you
purchase the appropriate battery or charger for
your model of phone. It is important to note that
you should only use a charger specified by the
manufacturer to charge you mobile phone
You should also attempt to buy your mobile phone
accessories from a trusted retailer who can
verify the authenticity of their products.
Most mobile phone batteries and chargers look
very similar, making it difficult to identify
legitimate and fake products.
If you are able to inspect the product first-hand
then you should look for signs of poor quality
such as: inaccurate printing, misspelled wording,
crooked label placement and signs of defective
Some mobile phone manufacturers also place
hologram stickers on their batteries, which are
difficult to replicate by counterfeiters – although
they do try.
All genuine mobile phone manufacturers offer a
limited warranty that covers the handset,
software and accessories.
Most genuine accessories are covered for a
certain period of time from the date of purchase
by the original owner.
Registered manufacturers and sellers also offer
customer support and servicing of damaged
Black market batteries and chargers rarely come
with a warranty or offer customer support and
servicing of damaged products.
It is important to keep the receipt for any mobile
phone accessory you purchase so that you can
make a warranty claim if the product is faulty.
It is also beneficial to keep all proof of purchase
in case you have bought a fake so that you can
notify the relevant authorities.
If the price sounds too good to be true then it
probably is.
Counterfeit mobile phone batteries and chargers
are made from cheap substandard components
allowing them to be produced at a fraction of the
price of genuine products.
Also, counterfeiters don’t have to invest in
product research, design and safety testing.
They don’t pay government taxes, import fees
and are not bound by fair trade or minimum wage
regulations for their employees.
All these factors mean fakes can be sold at a
much lower price than a genuine product.

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