How to Get 4gb of data with just #1500 on Airtel network

Airtel has continued is promo plan of giving out 4GB of data for just 1500 naira for 2 months, this has been a plan a lot have enjoyed before suddenly airtel discontinued it, you can read here to see when the plan was on and what it takes.
Just a few days back selected SIM cards received the SMS notifying them that they can get 4GB of
data for just 1500 for 2 months, and I can concern its working very well both on PC and mobile devices even on Android devices.
If you read the previous post on the promo before it got discontinued then you will notice some people when trying to subscribe always get a message “you are not eligible for this plan” that still applies as not all SIM can subscribe to this plan and there are no criteria to which SIM will work but the good news is you can actually check to know if you are eligible for loading up 1500 credit on your device.

How to check if you are eligible for airtel 4gb for 1500 for 2 months

As simple as it is, all you have to do is dial the said code without any credit or a credit not up to 1500 naira, if you get a message that you have insufficient balance then good luck your SIM is eligible but if you are not eligible even which 0 nairas on your phone when you try to subscribe you will still get the message that you are not eligible.
Updated: Dial *440*440# to confirm if you are eligible

How to subscribe to Airtel 4GB data for 1500 for 2 months

1. After checking that you are eligible, load 1500 credit
2. Dial *440*161# and you should be subscribed

NOTE: if you are not eligible then use this code *440*16# which will give you 2GB of data instead New code to check airtel data plan A lot of people have also been having problems checking data balance on Airtel, yes! Airtel changed the code. The new code to check airtel data plan balance is now *223# and note airtel data deduction is back to normal. 
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