June 1, 2023
GLO Jollific8 Migration Code – Get Free 10GB & 800% Bonus
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What is the GLO jollific8 migration code? Introducing the Latest Rate Plan in Nigeria – from one of our best Nigeria Telecom GLO NIGERIA! Even after enjoying the MTN StartPack where you can enjoy a 6x bonus every time you top up, this GLO Jollific8 is really good!

Etisalat has just launched its new rate plan called Etisalat Real Bonus where you can enjoy a 250% bonus for the Call All Network. This year, exactly this month, Nigeria Networks surprises us with their Awoof plans.

Today we introduce you to the latest Glo rate plan called Glo Jollific8! This allows its customers or subscribers to enjoy 800% of the value of their top-up. You can’t compare this plan to MTN Jara Plus where you can enjoy a 200% bonus on top-ups.

How Does Glo Jollific8 work?

With some “pidgin slang” added, this plan was specifically designed to offer new Prepaid Globalism customers eight times more value with every top-up. That means every time you top up, there is 8 times the value of what you top up. And it comes with free data and free voice, and guess what? You can also choose to gift free data to someone else.

Welcome to Glo Jollific8! If you don’t like the plan after signing up, there’s a return you’ll always know! But believe Glo Nigeria, they never let their customers down even when it comes to their data package plan and their latest rate plan called Glo Twin Bash and Talk Special Plan, they always give their best!

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Okay, look at the things you like when;

  • Recharge N100 and get extra N800 airtime + 10MB
  • Recharge N200 and get N1600 plus N100 (25MB to give away)
  • Recharging N500 Charging gives N4000 plus N200 (50 MB free)
  • Recharge N1000 Upgrade gives N8000 plus N400 (100 MB free)
  • Recharge N5000 Recharge gives N40k plus N2k (500MB free)

Who is eligible for the GLO jollific8 migration code Data Bonus/Reward?

My research has shown that both new existing Glo subscribers are eligible for the Glo Jollific8 Free Data Bonus. For the record, I’m only talking about the most recent free data gifts on Glo Jollific8. If you want to learn more about other benefits of the GLO jollific8 migration code, read their FAQs here. The admission criteria are as follows:

  • First of all, you must be an active Glo subscriber and your device must already be set up for the internet.
  • Also, make sure you have used the Glo network to browse the web before reading this. In other words, Glo coverage should be near you.
  • Also, you should charge your port with 200 or 100. This largely depends on how much you can afford. Don’t worry, this credit will not be deducted.

Devices That Can Be Used To Browse With Glo Jollific8 Free Data

In short, the new Glo Jollific8 Free Data works with all apps, browsers, and devices on the internet. This means that nothing changes after receiving this data. Even your internet profile settings don’t need to be changed. Make sure your phone/router/USB modem or equivalent can be used to surf the web and you’re fine. I am writing this post with the data bonus and the SIM card is currently in my 4G router.

GLO jollific8 migration code – Step by Step

Make sure to follow the steps below if you really want to get the 5GB or 10GB free data with the GLO jollific8 migration code.

  • Step 1: Dial *603# to migrate to the Glo Jollific8 rate plan. Note: Keep trying even if it doesn’t work the first time. The image below shows a SIM card already on Glo Jollific8 (Glo Jollific8 Free Data is also known as North Offer Subscription). Dear customer, your northern offer subscription is already active
  • Step 2: Then dial #100# to make sure you have successfully migrated to the subscription.
  • Step 3: Recharge your line using a method that is convenient for you. For me, it was always topped up via the banking app. #200 airtime was what I bought. I don’t know if it works if you already have credit before dialing the code. I have a 100% success rate with people who charge for the subscription after the migration. please be guided accordingly.
  • Step 4: Congratulations, you have migrated to Glo jollific8 and received a special offer subscription of 5 GB or 10 GB North. Dial *606**6*2*2# to check your bundle balance.
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Code To Opt-Out Of Glo Jollific8

Are you tired of using Glo Jollific8? So, do you need a code to opt out of glo jollific8? It does quite easy, just migrate to any available GLO prepaid tariff plan you like, and you will be opted out of Glo Jollific8.

Troubleshooting GLO Jollific8 Migration Code

Your request failed. Please try again later when you try to migrate to Glo Jollific8

Solution: You may get a message Your request failed. Try again later. While trying to migrate to Glo Jollific8 while on Glo Yakata. Weigh your options to resolve this. Decide if you need that free huge data more than the Glo Yakata benefits. Once you’ve made up your mind, go for a Glo plan other than Jollific8. Then try subscribing to Glo Jollific8 again to get your free data.

How to fix my unstable data network signal on Glo Jollific8 free data

If the Glo data network in your area is not strong, you will experience a data service interruption. To stabilize things, restart your phone. You can also change your network mode from 4G to 3G or vice versa.

How to fix download problems with Glo Jollific8 Data Bonus?

Due to the occasional disruption of the glo jollific8 network, it can be frustrating to download with this data bonus during peak periods. To help you have a successful download experience like me, here are some tricks you can try:

Change the APN settings of your internet profile to “gloflat” if you are on “glosecure”. (This doesn’t offer much, but it’s worth considering.

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Another option is to download to your computers using a good download manager. Such a download manager should support download continuation. An example of a reliable download manager is IDM (Internet Download Manager) for Windows and Folx for Mac.

Finally, make sure you only download at night when you’re not using your phone for other things. Maybe at night.

The Glo Jollific8 / North offer will receive 51 MB or 100 MB instead of 5 GB or 10 GB

Remark!! Unfortunately, GLO has reduced data for existing customers who sign up for GLO Jollific8. Instead of 5G you now get 51 MB + 25 MB. You also get 100 MB + 25 MB instead of 10 GB. If you buy your SIM card new, I was told you can still get the 5GB or 10GB. All you need to do is follow the steps above.

GLO Jollific8 Migration Code FAQ

There are many other Glo Jollific8 FAQs that you should definitely know. As; You can’t share the free data, you need to dial *606# and follow the prompt to transfer data to a Glo customer. You can’t give away the free dates, but you can give away the gift dates. You can receive a gift bonus for up to 60 days until you decide to use it, and much more!

Would I lose my current data if I migrated to Glo Jollific8?

Fortunately, nothing will happen to your current data. The Glo Jollific8 subscription with a special offer is a form of bonus data and will not tamper with your main data.

What happens if I log out of Glo Jollific8 without formatting my details?

As expected, you will lose all your Glo Jollific8 benefits if you opt out.

What is the validity period of the Glo Jollific8 Free Data / North Offer subscription?

I can’t say, unfortunately. Likewise, I can’t say when this offer ends. My advice to you is that you use up the data as soon as possible. Either way, you have nothing to lose.