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Globacom, the great master of Data, has launched a new initiative called Glo Flexi Plan or Glo Flexi recharge plan.
Globacom has seen steady growth in terms of the number of data subscribers joining the network. This growth and development have been attributed to infrastructure investment.
This includes the Glo 1 submarine cable and the thin optical cable that maps the entire length and breadth of the country, enabling the company to deliver unmatched data capacity anywhere at more affordable prices. Before buying your next data plans, read this top-up card tip.

What is the Glo Flexi Plan or Recharge plan?

Glo Flexi Recharge is a one-step solution where master account credit can be used for voice or data, whatever the user wants. Flexi reloading is cost-effective as it allows subscribers to make calls according to profile and group data at the rate of only N1 per 1 MB.
This new recharge plan allows Glo customers to use data and voice without buying a fixed data and voice package.
Flexi extends credit to Glo subscribers for Internet-related calls and services; This means subscribers will no longer have to purchase separate data packets for connectivity and Internet calls.
This new initiative allows subscribers to get the benefit of data by default because no subscription is required. When on Glo Flexi, subscribers do not have to worry about purchasing data plans, as the Flexi package covers their data needs at low rates.
The Glo Flexi plan was introduced to make life easier for customers as it offers an affordable and affordable data plan, this new package offering is more affordable than most special packages from other networks like 9mobile packages.
Glo Flexi Recharge subscribers will also be able to send SMS, browse or use social media platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp, snap chat, Instagram, and more.
In fact, this new package is a serious and careful planning product and aims to facilitate Internet access for subscribers.
Therefore, Glo Flexi reloading is very reliable and offers customers unbeatable data value and special packages that meet the capabilities of their various subscribers.
In addition to Glo Flexi Recharge, Globacom has also released several attractive and easy-to-use packages that offer data users many benefits, such as Glo IDD Packs, Glo Jollof pack, or Jolific8 plan and others that whet their appetites.

What you need to know about Glo Flexi

It’s a one-step solution where your primary account credit can be used for voice or data as you wish.
The Flexi recharge allows you to use voice according to your profile, for example, your calls are charged according to the Glo tariff plan tariff rates you are currently on.

Data plan in Glo Flexi

Data is charged at the rate of N1 per MB, ie N1 = 1 MB. Therefore, if you want to load N100 credit, you can use it for up to 100 MB of data and so on.

How to sign up or migrate to Glo Flexi Plan

This plan is purely standard. As a Glo subscriber to any of your tariff plans, you are already part of this new Glo innovation by default. Therefore, you do not have to dial any subscription code to migrate to this plan.

How to use the plan

This plan is automatically set by default when you do not have a data plan or if your current data plan has expired. It works exactly like PayG data, so for MB used, you will be charged by N1 to your primary credit account.
You cannot use your credit or bonus account to avail of the Glo Flexi plan, you will not charge N1 per MB, it would cost more.

To reload your line

You don’t need to use any special code to reload, just reload your line using the normal method – * 123 * Reload pin #.
To learn about data charges:
Notifications would be sent to your row after each data session. The notification would provide details of how your credit was deducted per data session.
Note: Data service benefiting from Flexi reload cannot be gifted or shared.