20 Best Paying Jobs In Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores

Best Paying Jobs In Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores: The clothing, footwear, and accessories sector include companies that design, manufacture or sell them. This industry has a wide range of businesses from small boutiques to large department stores. The market for clothing, shoes, and accessories is booming. The expansion is expected to double the economy over the next ten years. However, this industry is also highly competitive; therefore, keeping up with current trends and understanding the business is critical. Due to the demand in the industry, professionals are turning to fashion education.

There are many high-paying jobs in clothing, shoe, and accessory stores.

Buyers of clothing, shoe, and accessory stores are responsible for selecting the merchandise that a retailer will carry. They are responsible for deciding which items to bring and how much to buy. They also need to be able to negotiate prices with manufacturers.

Buyers must possess advanced communication and negotiation skills, as well as a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business administration.

Paid between $60,000 and $80,000 per year, depending on experience

Are clothing/shoe/accessories stores a good career path?

Yes, clothing/shoe/accessories stores are a good career to consider. Clothing retailing is a huge industry and it is impossible to ship abroad. There are many reasons why working in a clothing store can be a great career choice. There are also many career opportunities in the retail sector. Those who start working in a small store can eventually grow into managerial positions or even open their store.

What are the professions in a shoe company?

The major occupations in the footwear industry group are retail salespeople, first-line supervisors of retail salespeople, cashiers, customer service representatives, stockkeepers, and order pickers.

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Is fashion a good profession?

Fashion design is one of the highest-paying industries, offers lucrative jobs, and is also a creatively fulfilling and financially rewarding career.

What are the career opportunities in fashion?

Some of the key job profiles include Fashion Product Manager, Fashion Brand Manager, Fashion Marketing Manager, Public Relations Manager, Visual Merchandiser, Fashion Advertising Agent, and Fashion Promotion Specialist.

20 Best Paying Jobs In Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores In 2022

1. Relief Goods Buyer:

Buyers are responsible for obtaining the supplies and merchandise a business needs to operate. In the case of merchandise buyers, their focus is on merchandise rather than necessities. The median annual salary is $51,000.

2. Clothing Worker

A clothing worker works with clothing. Most of their work involves folding clothes, setting up displays, and returning items from the dressing room to the shop floor. The median annual salary is $30,000.

3. Shoe Repairman

While the name is pretty obvious here, shoe repairs can do more than just fix shoes. As long as the shoes are made of high-quality materials, they can also be adjusted. Shoe repairers will replace heels and soles and polish scuffs. They can also stretch leather shoes that are too tight, replace heel counters, or add padding.

4. Jewelry Designer

Jewelry designers create product designs specifically for jewelry. This job has a high degree of variety, as you could be a jewelry designer with your own business selling pieces on Etsy, or you could work for a major jeweler and design products for mass production. The median annual salary is $50,000.

5. Merchandise Coordinator

This is a high-end retail position in many ways. Merchandise coordinators work with inventory levels, moving inventory as needed, and ensuring items are priced appropriately. The median annual salary is $75,000.

6. Shoe Designer

If you are interested in shoes and are artistic and creative, this is a good career choice. A shoe designer does exactly what it sounds like: he designs shoes. They should be good with designs, materials, and aesthetics such as color choice. They can work independently or for a large company, such as Adidas. The median annual salary is $82,000.

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7. Goldsmith

A goldsmith’s duties and salary depend largely on where they work and how skilled they are. Goldsmiths mainly work with jewelry through forging, filing, and casting. The median annual salary is $48,000.

8. Clothing

This job requires strong customer service skills and extensive knowledge of clothing. Tailors often do custom work for customers, whether it be customization or making custom clothing. They can work independently or in a shop.

9. General Manager

General managers manage the entire store. This means that they are expected to have some knowledge of everything the store sells and to pay attention to all employees and departments. The median annual salary is $65,000.

10. Assistant Store Manager

An assistant store manager is the second in command in a store. If the general manager is not available, it is the assistant store manager’s job to take over. Like the general manager, the assistant manager’s job is to look after the entire store and report if an employee is sick or unavailable. The median annual salary is $40,000.

11. Inventory Management

Someone in this role is responsible for maintaining store inventory. This job requires a lot of counting, as the stock manager has to make sure that the actual stock in the store matches the digitized stock. The median annual salary is $76,000.

12. Designer clothes

Like all designers, clothing designers require a high degree of creativity. They need to understand the different types of fabrics, how they react once sewn, as well as their clothing styles. The median annual salary is $75,000.

13. Custom Changes

Also known as alteration specialists, alteration tailors are experts at altering clothes. Someone with this job may be self-employed or work for a specialty store, such as a bridal shop or men’s suit store, where customization is considered part of the service. The median annual salary is $41,000.

14. Store Cashier

Almost every store employee is expected to man the till at some point. However, there are usually a few employees assigned to stand on the plate. Cashiers should be familiar with the software that runs the checkout, the different products, and where barcodes are likely to be found. The median annual salary is $27,000.

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15. Jewelry Polisher

Jewelry polishes do more than just polish jewelry. They work with bank jewelers to restore and prepare gemstones and precious metals. They use equipment to polish dull coatings on stones and smooth out scratches on gemstones or metals.

16. Clothing Seller

A merchant is another name for a retailer. Garment sellers work with garments and make sure that they are taken out of storage, folded correctly, or hung on a hanger and placed in the right place. The median annual salary is $40,000.

17. Shoe Partner

Shoe workers often work in specialty shoe stores, such as Rack Room Shoes, to help customers choose the right shoes. They may also work in a department store in the shoe department. The median annual salary is $27,000.

18. Shoemaker

This work has many variations. Shoemakers can work in factories to sew and assemble boots, or they can work in a high-end establishment that makes custom boots. Depending on which one you choose, the amount of money you earn will vary considerably.

19. Jewelry Sales Clerk

Jewelers are the first point of contact at a jeweler. Their main duties are to help customers select the right parts and close sales. Since much of their job involves reaching out to customers and giving advice, jewelry sellers need to feel comfortable talking to others and be knowledgeable about different types of jewelry and styles. The median annual salary is $31,000.

20. Department Manager: Average Salary: $87,500 per year

A department manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day activities of a specific department in a store. Their duties include training employees, setting hours, monitoring inventory levels, and ensuring customer service standards are met.

In some cases, department managers may also be responsible for sales. To become a department manager, you need at least two years of retail management experience. Department managers generally earn more than store managers; It is one of the highest-paying jobs in clothing accessories stores, and also a well-respected one.

Conclusion – Best Paying Jobs In Clothing/Shoe/Accessory Stores

We hope this list of the best paying jobs in clothing/shoe/accessory stores will help you find a suitable job. Do you have questions about retail or the vacancies we discuss? Leave a comment below if you have any questions about retail or the features mentioned. Finally, feel free to share this blog post with your friends and family looking for retail jobs.


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